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Reitano, Danilo
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1997 - 1998: Antarctica Project Scholarships for National Research Program in Antarctica at Istituto Internazionale di Vulcanologia (IIV) Catania (Italy), 1998: Member of the XIV Antarctica Campaign (ING- IIV)1999 – 2001: Head of Data Acquisition Centre in Catania (Poseidon System - INGV)2001- 2014: Technologist at the Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia, Sezione di Catania (INGV-CT), and Head of the “Sala Operativa” Division of INGV-CT.2014 – 2017 Head of the “Reti ed Innovazione” Division of INGV-CT.Over the past 10 years, inside the “Control Room”, I had charge of all management related activities, coordinating aspects of ICT and gaining a good experience in applied research related to monitoring of active volcanoes, on early warning systems and hazard. I follow also the development of algorithms for pattern recognition of geophysical parameters and also manage the implementation and development of hardware solutions. I’ve collaborated on the Italian station of the CTBTO (in Sicily) on the control of nuclear explosions. My skills are also in advanced HPC and Grid computing Cloud computing as a member of the Consorzio Cometa Technical Commettee (www.consorzio-cometa.it) and in quality certification systems (Total Quality Management), as well as project management techniques. Since 2000 I study the technological development of renewable energy.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
119-Jun-2007Alert system to mitigate tephra fallout hazards at Mt. Etna Volcano, ItalyAlparone, S.* ; Andronico, D.* ; Sgroi, T.* ; Ferrari, F.* ; Lodato, L.* ; Reitano, D.* 
22006Continuous soil radon monitoring during the July 2006 Etna eruptionNeri, M.* ; Behncke, B.* ; Burton, M.* ; Galli, G.* ; Giammanco, S.* ; Pecora, E.* ; Privitera, E.* ; Reitano, D.* 
3Jan-2022How Academics and the Public Experienced Immersive Virtual Reality for Geo-EducationBonali, Fabio Luca* ; Russo, Elena* ; Vitello, Fabio* ; Antoniou, Varvara* ; Marchese, Fabio* ; Fallati, Luca* ; Bracchi, Valentina Alice* ; Corti, Noemi* ; Savini, Alessandra* ; Whitworth, Malcolm* ; Drymoni, Kyriaki* ; Pasquaré Mariotto, Federico* ; Nomikou, Paraskevi* ; Sciacca, Eva* ; Bressan, Sofia* ; Falsaperla, Susanna* ; Reitano, Danilo* ; van Wyk de Vries, Benjamin* ; Krokos, Mel* ; Panieri, Giuliana* ; Stiller-Reeve, Mathew Alexander* ; Vizzari, Giuseppe* ; Becciani, Ugo* ; Tibaldi, Alessandro* 
413-Apr-2021Mapping and evaluating kinematics and the stress and strain field at active faults and fissures: a comparison between field and drone data at the NE rift, Mt Etna (Italy)Tibaldi, Alessandro* ; Corti, Noemi* ; De Beni, Emanuela* ; Bonali, Fabio Luca* ; Falsaperla, Susanna* ; Langer, Horst* ; Neri, Marco* ; Cantarero, Massimo* ; Reitano, Danilo* ; Fallati, Luca* 
5Dec-2017The MED-SUV virtual research environment for enabling the GEO Geohazard supersites in ItalyMazzetti, Paolo* ; Puglisi, Giuseppe* ; D'Auria, Luca* ; Roncella, Roberto* ; Reitano, Danilo* ; Merenda, Riccardo* ; Nativi, Stefano* 
6Aug-2003Seismological constraints for the dyke emplacement of the July-August 2001 lateral eruption at Mt. Etna volcano, ItalyPatanè, D.* ; Privitera, E.* ; Gresta, S.* ; Alparone, S.* ; Akinci, A.* ; Barberi, G.* ; Chiaraluce, L.* ; Cocina, O.* ; D'Amico, S.* ; De Gori, P.* ; Di Grazia, G.* ; Falsaperla, S.* ; Ferrari, F.* ; Gambino, S.* ; Giampiccolo, E.* ; Langer, H.* ; Maiolino, V.* ; Moretti, M.* ; Mostaccio, A.* ; Musumeci, C.* ; Piccinini, D.* ; Reitano, D.* ; Scarfì, L.* ; Spampinato, S.* ; Ursino, A.* ; Zuccarello, L.* 
72021Using non-structural mitigation measures to maintain business continuity: a multi-stakeholder engagement strategyFerreira, Monica Amaral* ; Lopes, Mário* ; Mota de Sà, Francisco* ; Musacchio, Gemma* ; Rupakhety, Rajesh* ; Reitano, Danilo* ; Pais, Isabel*