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Galli, Gianfranco
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12006Continuous soil radon monitoring during the July 2006 Etna eruptionNeri, M.* ; Behncke, B.* ; Burton, M.* ; Galli, G.* ; Giammanco, S.* ; Pecora, E.* ; Privitera, E.* ; Reitano, D.* 
22009Continuous/discrete geochemical monitoring of CO2 Natural Analogues and of Diffuse Degassing Structures (DDS): hints for CO2 storage sites geochemical monitoring protocolQuattrocchi, F.* ; Cantucci, B.* ; Cinti, D.* ; Galli, G.* ; Pizzino, L.* ; Sciarra, A.* ; Voltattorni, N.* 
32018Discrete monitoring of chemical parameters in ground waters of Mt. Etna volcano: 2000–2006Giammanco, Salvatore* ; Cinti, Daniele* ; Condarelli, Domenico* ; Di Stefano, Giuseppe* ; Galli, Gianfranco* ; Longo, Vincenza* ; Quattrocchi, Fedora* ; Sciarra, Alessandra* ; Voltattorni, Nunzia* 
421-Mar-2013Fluid geochemistry along the Eliki and Aigion seismogenic segments (Gulf of Corinth, Greece)Pizzino, L.* ; Quattrocchi, F.* ; Cinti, D.* ; Galli, G.* 
5Jun-2015Frequencies identification from ambient vibration data in a masonry heritage buildingGaudiosi, I.* ; Caserta, A.* ; Porco, G.* ; Govoni, A.* ; Galli, G.* ; Piersanti, M.* 
6Sep-2017Geochemistry of hydrothermal fluids from the eastern sector of the Sabatini Volcanic District (central Italy)Cinti, Daniele* ; Tassi, F.* ; Procesi, Monia* ; Brusca, Lorenzo* ; Cabassi, J.* ; Capecchiacci, F.* ; Delgado Huertas, A.* ; Galli, Gianfranco* ; Grassa, Fausto* ; Vaselli, O.* ; Voltattorni, Nunzia* 
72013Geostatistical techniques application to dissolved radon hazard mapping: an example from the western sector of the Sabatini Volcanic District and the Tolfa Mountains (central Italy)Cinti, D* ; Poncia, P.* ; Procesi, M.* ; Galli, G.* ; Quattrocchi, F.* 
828-Jul-2017The imprint of thermally induced devolatilization phenomena on radon signal: implications for the geochemical survey in volcanic areasMollo, Silvio* ; Tuccimei, Paola* ; Galli, Gianfranco* ; Iezzi, Gianluca* ; Scarlato, Piergiorgio* 
9Feb-2008Inverse and forward modelling of groundwater circulation in a seismically active area (Monferrato, Piedmont, NW Italy): Insights into stress-induced variations in water chemistryFederico, C.* ; Pizzino, L.* ; Cinti, D.* ; De Gregorio, S.* ; Favara, R.* ; Galli, G.* ; Giudice, G.* ; Gurrieri, S.* ; Quattrocchi, F.* ; Voltattorni, N.* 
10Dec-2005Investigation of Surface Geology and Intensity Variability in the Palermo,Italy, Urban Area after the 6 September 2002 EarthquakeGiammarinaro, M. S.* ; Tertulliani, A.* ; Galli, G.* ; Leta, M.* 
119-Dec-2016Laboratory simulation of recent NAPL spills to investigate radon partition among NAPL vapours and soil airDe Simone, Gabriele* ; Lucchetti, Carlo* ; Pompilj, Francesca* ; Galli, Gianfranco* ; Tuccimei, Paola* 
122015Long term continuous radon monitoring in a seismically active areaPiersanti, A.* ; Cannelli, V.* ; Galli, G.* 
13Jan-2007Misura della concentrazione di radon nell’acqua potabile di RomaMancini, C.* ; Galli, G.* ; Mattiacci Delle Salette, M.* ; Diotallevi, R.* 
14Dec-2013Monitoraggio e controllo dei beni monumentali: formazione e certificazione del personaleMusacchio, M.* ; Buongiorno, M. F.* ; Casula, G.* ; Bianchi, M. G.* ; Bonali, E.* ; Caserta, A.* ; Govoni, A.* ; Gaudiosi, I.* ; Galli, G.* ; Porco, G.* ; Romano, D.* 
152016The Pollino 2012 seismic sequence: clues from continuous radon monitoringPiersanti, Antonio* ; Cannelli, Valentina* ; Galli, Gianfranco* 
162016Preliminary analysis of radon time series before the Ml=6 Amatrice earthquake: possible implications for fluid migrationCannelli, Valentina* ; Piersanti, Antonio* ; Spagnuolo, Elena* ; Galli, Gianfranco* 
1727-Feb-2017Soil radon survey to assess NAPL contamination from an ancient spill. Do kerosene vapors affect radon partition ?De Simone, Gabriele* ; Lucchetti, Carlo* ; Pompilj, Francesca* ; Galli, Gianfranco* ; Tuccimei, Paola* ; Curatolo, Pierpaolo* ; Giorgi, Riccardo* 
182012Soil-gas survey of liquefaction and collapsed caves during the Emilia seismic sequenceSciarra, A.* ; Cantucci, B.* ; Buttinelli, M.* ; Galli, G.* ; Nazzari, M.* ; Pizzino, L.* ; Quattrocchi, F.* 
192011Study of Natural Analogues for the Comprehension of Gas Migration MechanismsVoltattorni, Nunzia* ; Cinti, Daniele* ; Galli, Gianfranco* ; Lombardi, Salvatore* ; Pizzino, Luca* ; Sciarra, Alessandra* ; Quattrocchi, Fedora* 
202003Thermal anomalies and fluid geochemistry framework in occurrence of the 2000-2001 Nizza Monferrate seismic sequence (northern Italy): Episodic changes in the fault zone heat flow or chemical mixing phenomena?Quattrocchi, Fedora* ; Favara, Rocco* ; Capasso, Giorgio* ; Pizzino, Luca* ; Bencini, R.* ; Cinti, Daniele* ; Galli, Gianfranco* ; Grassa, Fausto* ; Francofonte, S.* ; Volpicielli, G.*