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1Dec-2010Assessing seismic damage through stochastic simulation of ground shaking: the case of the 1998 Faial Earthquake (Azores Islands)Zonno, G.* ; Oliveira, C. S.* ; Ferreira, M. A.* ; Musacchio, G.* ; Meroni, F.* ; Mota-de-Sá, F.* ; Neves, F.* 
23-Sep-2022Augmented Reality in Seismic Risk Management: A Contribution to the Reduction of Non-Structural DamageFalsaperla, Susanna* ; Reitano, Danilo* ; Musacchio, Gemma* 
32015Dissemination strategies to instil a culture of safety on earthquake hazard and riskMusacchio, G.* ; Falsaperla, S.* ; Sansivero, F.* ; Ferreira, M. A.* ; Oliveira, C. S.* ; Nave, R.* ; Zonno, G.* 
42021Dissemination: steps towards an effettive action of seismic risk reduction for non-structural damage in the KnowRISK projectFalsaperla, Susanna* ; Musacchio, Gemma* ; Ferreira, Monica Amaral* ; Lopes, Mário* ; Oliveira, Carlos Susa* 
52016Education: can a bottom-up strategy help for earthquake disaster prevention?Musacchio, G.* ; Falsaperla, S.* ; Bernharðsdóttir, A. E.* ; Ferreira, M. A.* ; Sousa, M. L.* ; Carvalho, A.* ; Zonno, G.* 
62021Empowering communities for non-structural seismic risk mitigation: the central role of communicationLopes, Mário* ; Musacchio, Gemma* ; Ferreira, Monica Amaral* ; Oliveira, Carlos Sousa* 
717-Mar-2012High-frequency maximum observable shaking map of Italy from fault sourcesZonno, G.* ; Basili, R.* ; Meroni, F.* ; Musacchio, G.* ; Mai, P. M.* ; Valensise, G.* 
8Nov-2003Images of a lower-crustal oceanic slab: Direct evidence for tectonic accretion in the Archean western Superior provinceWhite, D. J.* ; Musacchio, G.* ; Helmstaedt, H. H.* ; Rarrab, R. M.* ; Thurston, P. C.* ; Van der Velden, A.* ; Hall, L.* 
9May-2016Informal Education for Disaster Risk ReductionBernharðsdóttir, A. E.* ; Musacchio, G.* ; Ferreira, M. A.* ; Falsaperla, S.* 
10Dec-2019Piovono idee! diventa progetto continuitàPiangiamore, Giovanna Lucia* ; Musacchio, Gemma* 
112021Playing games for risk prevention: design, implementation and testing of serious games in recent European projects UPStrat-MAFA and KnowRISKSolarino, Stefano* ; Ferreira, Monica Amaral* ; Musacchio, Gemma* ; Eva, Elena* 
122021A protocol to communicate seismic risk in schools: design, test and assessment in ItalyMusacchio, Gemma* ; Eva, Elena* ; Crescimbene, Massimo* ; Pino, Nicola Alessandro* ; Cugliari, Lorenzo* 
132015“Scientist as a game”: Learning geoscience via competitive activitiesMusacchio, G.* ; Piangiamore, G. L.* ; D'addezio, G.* ; Solarino, S.* ; Eva, E.* 
142012Scientist in the classroom: Earth Science outreach experiencesMusacchio, G.* ; Maistrello, M.* ; Piccarreda, D.* 
15Jan-2020Seismic disasters and the demographic perspective: 1968, Belice and 1980, Irpinia-Basilicata (southern Italy) case studiesDe Lucia, Maddalena* ; Benassi, Federico* ; Meroni, Fabrizio* ; Musacchio, Gemma* ; Pino, Nicola Alessandro* ; Strozza, Salvatore* 
162019Seismic risk communication: An opportunity for preventionMusacchio, Gemma* ; Solarino, Stefano* 
172021Seismic risk communication: let’s students show their own wayPiangiamore, Giovanna Lucia* ; Falsaperla, Susanna* ; Eva, Elena* ; Musacchio, Gemma* 
182016Students, earthquakes, media: Does a seismic crisis make a difference?Musacchio, Gemma* ; Solarino, Stefano* ; Eva, Elena* ; Piangiamore, Giovanna Lucia* 
192016Towards a practical guide in nonstructural risk reduction: A tool for the KnowRISK countriesSolarino, Stefano* ; Ferreira, Monica Amaral* ; Musacchio, Gemma* ; The KnowRISK Team* 
202021Using non-structural mitigation measures to maintain business continuity: a multi-stakeholder engagement strategyFerreira, Monica Amaral* ; Lopes, Mário* ; Mota de Sà, Francisco* ; Musacchio, Gemma* ; Rupakhety, Rajesh* ; Reitano, Danilo* ; Pais, Isabel*