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Archive Policy

The Earth Prints archive is a tool to support research in Earth Sciences. Its main objectives are to facilitate communication of research results through the availability of papers, reports and proposals, to improve dissemination and impact of research findings and to document research efforts. In accordance with these objectives the archive is designed to facilitate international use and cooperation. The archive accepts many kinds of contributions: pre-prints, post-prints, and reprints of scientific papers, conference papers, posters, extended abstracts, theses, reports, books and book chapters, magazine articles, web products and original software, project descriptions, and other published or unpublished documents. The criteria for acceptance are:

  • the documents must be relevant to research in the fields of Atmosphere, Cryosphere, Hydrosphere, Solid Earth and Earth Sciences disciplines in general;
  • the documents be ready to enter a process of communication;
  • the required metadata information be correct.

All languages are supported, but English title and abstract are mandatory. Authors wishing to submit a document need to register in order to obtain an user id. Registration and submission are free.

Removal of documents previously submitted to the archive is strongly discouraged, mainly because of citations references that may have been spread. The archive allows uploading of later versions of pre-prints, and readers are always directed to the latest version. The archive administrator is able, however, to remove eprints upon request.

Deposit agreement

Work being deposited by its own author:

  • In self-archiving this collection of files and associated bibliographic metadata, I grant Earth-prints the right to store them and make them permanently available on-line. I declare that this material is my own intellectual property and I understand that Earth-prints does not assume any responsibility if there is any breach of copyright in distributing these files or metadata. (All authors are urged to use Creative commons licenses which are provided in the archive submission procedure in order to preserve their copyright, otherwise they can prominently assert their copyright on the title page of their work).

Work being deposited by someone supporting the author:

  • I hereby declare that the collection of files and associated metadata that I am archiving is in the public domain. If this is not the case, I accept full responsibility for any breach of copyright that distributing these files or metadata may entail.


To the extent permissible under applicable laws, no responsibility is assumed and is hereby disclaimed by Earth-prints for any injury and/or damage to persons as a result of any actual or alleged libellous statements, infringement of intellectual property or privacy rights, or products liability, whether resulting from negligence or otherwise, without limitation, from any use or operation of any ideas, instructions procedures, products or methods enclosed in the material herein. Access to this site is provided on an “as is” basis; in addition Earth-prints neither warrants that the information or software contained herein is complete or accurate or free from error. Information or software downloaded by the users should be checked for defects or viruses before using it.

Typology of the documents to archive

The Open Archive supports many kinds of documents. “Nevertheless Earth-prints encourages Authors to archive only post-print papers when these have already been published, thus allowing readers to access original documents even if they do not subscribe to the journal where they have been published.” It is mandatory to communicate where the article was originally published.

Subject classification

One to four index terms may be used to classify documents (by pushing the option key) . A maximum of 6 keywords may be used.

File format and size

When using Earth-prints repository works attachments can be in: PDF/JPG/TIFF/WORD/LATEX/AVI etc. For higher speed and system efficiency we suggest to keep size files as much reduced as possible, though maintaining a sufficient readibility, but not exceeding 10MB of total space used.

For information on protecting your rights to your intellectual property, go to SPARC .

For a list of publishers' policies regarding the authors rights to publish pre-prints and postprints on a repository such as Earth-prints, go to SHERPA


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