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Behncke, Boris
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12014The 2011-2012 summit activity of Mount Etna: birth, growth and products of the new SE crater.Behncke, B.* ; Branca, S.* ; Corsaro, R.* ; De Beni, E.* ; Miraglia, L.* ; Proietti, C.* 
29-May-2008The changing face of Mount Etna’s summit area documented with Lidar technologyNeri, M.* ; Mazzarini, F.* ; Tarquini, S.* ; Bisson, M.* ; Isola, I.* ; Behncke, B.* ; Pareschi, M. T.* 
328-Mar-2009Complex magma dynamics at Mount Etna revealed by seismic, thermal and volcanological dataBehncke, B.* ; Falsaperla, S.* ; Pecora, E.* 
42015The continuing story of Etna’s New Southeast Crater (2012-2014): evolution and volume calculations based on field surveys and aerophotogrammetry.De Beni, E.* ; Behncke, B.* ; Branca, S.* ; Nicolosi, I.* ; Carluccio, R.* ; D’Ajello Caracciolo, F.* ; Chiappini, M.* 
52006Continuous soil radon monitoring during the July 2006 Etna eruptionNeri, M.* ; Behncke, B.* ; Burton, M.* ; Galli, G.* ; Giammanco, S.* ; Pecora, E.* ; Privitera, E.* ; Reitano, D.* 
615-Jun-2005Contrasting triggering mechanisms of the 2001 and 2002–2003 eruptions of Mount Etna (Italy)Neri, M.* ; Acocella, V.* ; Behncke, B.* ; Maiolino, V.* ; Ursino, A.* ; Velardita, R.* 
7Dec-2011Defining high-detail hazard maps by a cellular automata approach: application to Mount Etna (Italy)Rongo, R.* ; Avolio, M. A.* ; Behncke, B.* ; D'Ambrosio, D.* ; Di Gregorio, S.* ; Lupiano, V.* ; Neri, M.* ; Spataro, W.* ; Crisci, G. M.* 
8Feb-2011Detecting imminent eruptive activity at Mt Etna, Italy, in 2007–2008 through patternLanger, H.* ; Falsaperla, S.* ; Messina, A.* ; Spampinato, S.* ; Behncke, B.* 
92010Detecting short-term evolution of Etnean cinder cones: a LIDAR-based approachFornaciai, A.* ; Behncke, B.* ; Favalli, M.* ; Neri, M.* ; Tarquini, S.* ; Boschi, E.* 
109-Nov-2010Effects of the 1989 fracture system in the dynamics of the upper SE flank of Etna revealed by volcanic tremor data: The missing link?Falsaperla, S.* ; Cara, F.* ; Rovelli, A.* ; Neri, M.* ; Behncke, B.* ; Acocella, V.*
117-Jul-2022Eruptions and Social Media: Communication and Public Outreach About Volcanoes and Volcanic Activity in ItalyTodesco, Micol* ; De Lucia, Maddalena* ; Bagnato, Emanuela* ; Behncke, Boris* ; Bonforte, Alessandro* ; De Astis, Gianfilippo* ; Giammanco, Salvatore* ; Grassa, Fausto* ; Neri, Marco* ; Scarlato, Piergiorgio* ; Neri, Augusto* 
122010Evolution of an active lava flow field using a multitemporal LIDAR acquisitionFavalli, M.* ; Fornaciai, A.* ; Mazzarini, F.* ; Harris, A.*; Neri, M.* ; Behncke, B.* ; Pareschi, M. T.* ; Tarquini, S.* ; Boschi, E.* 
132006The exceptional activity and growth of the Southeast Crater, Mount Etna (Italy), between 1996 and 2001Behncke, B.* ; Neri, M.* ; Pecora, E.* ; Zanon, V.* 
142003An exceptional case of endogenous lava dome growthBehncke, B.* ; Neri, M.* ; Carniel, R.* 
15Jan-2014‘‘Failed’’ eruptions revealed by pattern classification analysis of gas emission and volcanic tremor data at Mt. Etna, ItalyFalsaperla, S.* ; Behncke, B.* ; Langer, H.* ; Neri, M.* ; Salerno, G. G.* ; Giammanco, S.* ; Pecora, E.* ; Biale, E.* 
162011Generation of pyroclastic flows by explosive interaction of lava flows with ice/water-saturated substrateBelousov, A.* ; Behncke, B.* ; Belousova, M.* 
172006Ground deformation and gravity changes on the Island of Pantelleria in the geodynamic framework of the Sicily ChannelBehncke, B.* ; Berrino, G.* ; Corrado, G.* ; Velardita, R.* 
1810-Mar-2009Hazards from pyroclastic density currents at Mt. Etna (Italy)Behncke, B. 
191-Apr-2010Insights into fluid circulation across the Pernicana Fault (Mt. Etna, Italy) and implications for flank instabilitySiniscalchi, A.* ; Tripaldi, S.* ; Neri, M.* ; Giammanco, S.* ; Piscitelli, S.* ; Balasco, M.* ; Behncke, B.* ; Magri, C.* ; Naudet, V.* ; Rizzo, E.* 
202013Insights into magma and f luid transfer at Mount Etna by a multiparametric approach: A model of the events leading to the 2011 eruptive cyclePatanè, D.* ; Aiuppa, A.* ; Aloisi, M.* ; Behncke, B.* ; Cannata, A.* ; Coltelli, M.* ; Di Grazia, G.* ; Gambino, S.* ; Gurrieri, S.* ; Mattia, M.* ; Salerno, G.*