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Corbi, Fabio
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12015Aseismic transient driving the swarm-like seismic sequence in the Pollino range, Southern ItalyPassarelli, Luigi* ; Hainzl, Sebastian* ; Cesca, Simone* ; Maccaferri, Francesco* ; Mucciarelli, Marco* ; Roessler, Dirk* ; Corbi, Fabio* ; Dahm, Torsten* ; Rivalta, Eleonora* 
22015How caldera collapse shapes the shallow emplacement and transfer of magma in active volcanoesCorbi, Fabio* ; Rivalta, Eleonora* ; Pinel, Virginie* ; Maccaferri, Francesco* ; Bagnardi, Marco* ; Acocella, Valerio* 
32019Machine Learning can predict the timing and size of analog earthquakesCorbi, Fabio* ; Sandri, Laura* ; Bedford, Jon* ; Funiciello, Francesca* ; Brizzi, Silvia* ; Rosenau, Mathias* ; Lallemand, Serge* 
42018Multivariate statistical analysis to investigate the subduction zone parameters favoring the occurrence of giant megathrust earthquakesBrizzi, S.* ; Sandri, Laura* ; Funiciello, F.* ; Corbi, F.* ; Piromallo, Claudia* ; Heuret, A.* 
5Apr-2020Predicting imminence of analog megathrust earthquakes with Machine Learning: Implications for monitoring subduction zonesCorbi, Fabio* ; Bedford, John* ; Sandri, Laura* ; Funiciello, Francesca* ; Gualandi, Adriano* ; Rosenau, Mathias* 
6Jan-2018Scaling and spatial complementarity of tectonic earthquake swarmsPassarelli, Luigi* ; Rivalta, Eleonora* ; Jónsson, Sigurjón* ; Hensch, Martin* ; Metzger, Sabrina* ; Jakobsdóttir, Sólveig* ; Maccaferri, Francesco* ; Corbi, Fabio* ; Dahm, Torsten* 
7Jul-2019Stress inversions to forecast magma pathways and eruptive vent locationRivalta, E.* ; Corbi, F.* ; Passarelli, L.* ; Acocella, V.* ; Davis, T* ; Di Vito, Mauro Antonio* 
8Feb-2017A two-step model for dynamical dike propagation in two dimensions: Application to the July 2001 Etna eruptionPinel, Virginie* ; Carrara, A* ; Maccaferri, Francesco* ; Rivalta, Eleonora* ; Corbi, Fabio* 
92016Understanding the link between circumferential dikes and eruptive fissures around calderas based on numerical and analog modelsCorbi, Fabio* ; Rivalta, Eleonora* ; Pinel, Virginie* ; Maccaferri, Francesco* ; Acocella, Valerio*