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Lugli, Stefano
EDUCATION – EXPERIENCE Since 2005 - Professor of Stratigraphy and Sedimentology at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (permanent position). 1993 – Ph. D. in Earth Science (Bologna University). 1989 - graduated in Geology (Modena University). TEACHING - “Sedimentology” for the Degree course in “Geological Sciences” - “Applied Stratigraphy”, for the Magistral Degree Course in “Geological sciences and technologies” - “Geoarchaeology, formative processes and morphology” for the Magistral Degree Course in Quaternary, Prehistory and Archaeology (Inter-Athenaeum course Modena-Ferrara). RESEARCH ACTIVITY - Sedimentology, petrography and geochemistry of sulfate and saline evaporite successions and associated carbonates, ancient and modern, in various parts of the world (Sicily, Northern, Central and Southern Apennines, Spain, Crete, Cyprus, Jordan, Morocco). - Evolution of the tufa system of the National Park of Jiuzhaigou, UNESO site, Sichuan, China. - The contribution of geology to solve archaeological problems: the study of gypsum rocks as marker for ancient fires in ancient archaeological sites (Knossos, Eraclea Minoa, Pompeii), the characteristics and provenance of building materials (natural stones, stuccos, mortars and plasters) in ancient buildings and necropolis since the bronze age (Terramare in the Po river valley, Modena medieval UNESCO site, the Minoan palaces in Crete, and the Lot’s Sanctuary in Jordan).
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