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12012The 8 June 2000 ULF wave activity: A case studyPiersanti, M.* ; Villante, U.* ; Waters, C.* ; Coco, Igino* 
22018Characterising the electron density fluctuations in the high-latitude ionosphere at Swarm altitude in response to the geomagnetic activityGiannattasio, Fabio* ; De Michelis, Paola* ; Consolini, Giuseppe* ; Quattrociocchi, Virgilio* ; Coco, Igino* ; Tozzi, Roberta* 
328-May-2016Comparison between IRI and preliminary Swarm Langmuir probe measurements during the St. Patrick storm periodPignalberi, A.* ; Pezzopane, M.* ; Tozzi, R.* ; De Michelis, P.* ; Coco, I.* 
42001CsI(Tl) scintillators as gamma-ray detectors for the identification of hidden explosivesFioretto, E.* ; Tiana, M.* ; Innocenti, F.* ; Viesti, G.* ; Cinausero, M.* ; Coco, Igino* ; Fabris, D.* ; Filippini, V.* ; Lunardon, M.* ; Nebbia, G.* ; Prete, G.* ; Pesente, S.* ; Sajo Bohus, L.* ; Chukhaev, E.* ; Melnikov, A. I.* 
52009Different responses of northern and southern high latitude ionospheric convection to IMF rotations: A case study based on SuperDARN observationsAmbrosino, D.* ; Amata, E.* ; Marcucci, M. F.* ; Coco, Igino* ; Bristow, W.* ; Dyson, P.* 
62011Dynamical changes of the polar cap potential structure: An information theory approachCoco, Igino* ; Consolini, G.* ; Amata, E.* ; Marcucci, M. F.* ; Ambrosino, D.* 
72011Effects of abrupt variations of solar wind dynamic pressure on the high-latitude ionosphereCoco, Igino* ; Amata, E.* ; Marcucci, M. F.* ; Ambrosino, D.* ; Shepherd, S. G.* 
82008The effects of an interplanetary shock on the high-latitude ionospheric convection during an IMF By-dominated periodCoco, Igino* ; Amata, E.* ; Marcucci, M. F.* ; Ambrosino, D.* ; Villain, J. P.* ; Hanuise, C.* 
92005Effects on SuperDARN HF radar echoes of sudden impulses of solar wind dynamic pressureCoco, Igino* ; Amata, E.* ; Marcucci, M. F.* ; De Laurentis, M.* ; Villain, J. P.* ; Hanuise, C.* ; Candidi, M.* 
10Sep-2017Electric field computation analysis for the Electric Field Detector (EFD) on board the China Seismic-Electromagnetic Satellite (CSES)Diego, Piero* ; Bertello, Igor* ; Candidi, Maurizio* ; Mura, Alessandro* ; Coco, Igino* ; Vannaroni, Giuliano* ; Ubertini, Pietro* ; Badoni, Davide* 
112008Extended SuperDARN and IMAGE observations for northward IMF: Evidence for dual lobe reconnectionMarcucci, M. F.* ; Coco, Igino* ; Ambrosino, D.* ; Amata, E.* ; Milan, S.E.* ; Cattaneo, M. B. B.* ; Retinò, A.* 
122018Features of Magnetic Field Fluctuations in the Ionosphere at Swarm altitudeDe Michelis, Paola* ; Consolini, Giuseppe* ; Tozzi, Roberta* ; Giannattasio, Fabio* ; Quattrociocchi, Virgilio* ; Coco, Igino* 
132009Future extension of the super dual auroral radar networkAmata, E.* ; Marcucci, M. F.* ; Villain, J. P.* ; Coco, Igino* ; Ambrosino, D.* 
142018Latitudinal dependence of geomagnetically induced currents during geomagnetic stormsTozzi, Roberta* ; Coco, Igino* ; De Michelis, Paola* ; Giannattasio, Fabio* 
152006Night–side effects on the polar ionospheric convection due to a solar wind pressure impulseCoco, Igino* ; Amata, Ermanno* ; Marcucci, Maria Federica* ; Villain, Jean-Paul* ; Hanuise, Christian* ; Cerisier, Jean-Claude* ; St. Maurice, Jean-Pierre* ; Sato, Natsuo* 
1618-Jan-2019A Preliminary Risk Assessment of Geomagnetically Induced Currents over the Italian TerritoryTozzi, Roberta* ; De Michelis, Paola* ; Coco, Igino* ; Giannattasio, Fabio* 
172018The response of high latitude ionosphere to the 2015 June 22 stormD'Angelo, Giulia* ; Piersanti, Mirko* ; Alfonsi, Lucilla* ; Spogli, Luca* ; Coco, Igino* ; Li, Guozhu* ; Baiqi, Ning* 
18Aug-2018The response of high latitude ionosphere to the 2015 St. Patrick’s day storm from in situ and ground based observationsD'Angelo, Giulia* ; Piersanti, Mirko* ; Alfonsi, Lucilla* ; Spogli, Luca* ; Clausen, Lasse Boy Novock* ; Coco, Igino* ; Li, Guozhu* ; Baiqi, Ning*