Marchese, Francesco

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Feb-2008Advanced satellite technique for volcanic activity monitoring and early warningPergola, N.* ; Marchese, F.* ; Tramutoli, V.* ; Filizzola, C.* ; Ciampa, M.* 
24-Dec-2018The Contribution of Multi-Sensor Infrared Satellite Observations to Monitor Mt. Etna (Italy) Activity during May to August 2016Marchese, Francesco* ; Neri, Marco* ; Falconieri, Alfredo* ; Lacava, Teodosio* ; Mazzeo, Giuseppe* ; Pergola, Nicola* ; Tramutoli, Valerio* 
32021Implementation of Robust Satellite Techniques for Volcanoes on ASTER Data under the Google Earth Engine PlatformGenzano, Nicola* ; Marchese, Francesco* ; Neri, Marco* ; Pergola, Nicola* ; Tramutoli, Valerio* 
43-Dec-2019The July/August 2019 Lava Flows at the Sciara del Fuoco, Stromboli–Analysis from Multi-Sensor Infrared Satellite ImageryPlank, Simon* ; Marchese, Francesco* ; Filizzola, Carolina* ; Pergola, Nicola* ; Neri, Marco* ; Nolde, Michael* ; Martinis, Sandro* 
52021Mt. Etna Paroxysms of February–April 2021 Monitored and Quantified through a Multi-Platform Satellite Observing SystemMarchese, Francesco* ; Filizzola, Carolina* ; Lacava, Teodosio* ; Falconieri, Alfredo* ; Faruolo, Mariapia* ; Genzano, Nicola* ; Mazzeo, Giuseppe* ; Pietrapertosa, Carla* ; Pergola, Nicola* ; Tramutoli, Valerio* ; Neri, Marco* 
63-Dec-2019A Multi-Channel Algorithm for Mapping Volcanic Thermal Anomalies by Means of Sentinel-2 MSI and Landsat-8 OLI DataMarchese, Francesco* ; Genzano, Nicola* ; Neri, Marco* ; Falconieri, Alfredo* ; Mazzeo, Giuseppe* ; Pergola, Nicola* 
72004Robust satellite techniques for volcanicand seismic hazards monitoringDi Bello, G.* ; Filizzola, C.* ; Lacava, T.* ; Marchese, F.* ; Pergola, N.* ; Pietrapertosa, C.* ; Piscitelli, S.* ; Scaffidi, I.* ; Tramutoli, V.* 
82009Two geologic systems providing terrestrial analogues for the exploration of sulfate deposits on Mars: Initial spectral characterizationSgavetti, M.* ; Pompilio, L.* ; Roveri, M.* ; Manzi, V.* ; Valentino, G. M.* ; Lugli, S.* ; Carli, C.* ; Amici, Stefania* ; Marchese, F.* ; Lacava, T.* 
92011Volcanic ash cloud detection from space: a comparison between RSTASH technique and water vapour corrected BTD procedurePiscini, A.* ; Corradini, S.* ; Marchese, F.* ; Merucci, L.* ; Pergola, N.* ; Tramutoli, V.*