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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Jan-2013The 2010 ash emissions at the summit craters of Mt Etna: Relationship with seismo-acoustic signalsAndronico, D.* ; lo Castro, M. D.* ; Sciotto, M.* ; Spina, L.* 
16-Sep-2019AEOLUS: a laboratory to study bubble-bearing flow dynamics and geophysical signals through analogue volcanic eruptionMorgavi, Daniele* ; Spina, Laura* ; Cannata, Andrea* ; Musu, Alessandro* ; Campeggi, Carlo* ; Perugini, Diego* 
2-Sep-2018Decoupling the volcano infrasound source from the crater acoustic responseJohnson, Jeffrey* ; Almeida, Marco* ; Anderson, Jacob* ; Barrière, Julien* ; Cannata, Andrea* ; d'Oreye de Lantremange, Nicolas* ; Dunham, Eric* ; Houghton, Bruce* ; Kervyn, Francois* ; Keehoon, Kim* ; Morgavi, Daniele* ; Ortiz, Hugo* ; Oth, Adrien* ; Palma, Jose* ; Ramon, Patricio* ; Ruiz, Mario* ; Smets, Benoit* ; Spina, Laura* ; Turner, Nicolas* ; Viracucha, Guillermo* ; Watson, Leighton* 
2019Degassing behaviour at basaltic volcanoes: New insights from experimental investigations of different conduit geometry and magma viscositySpina, Laura* ; Cannata, Andrea* ; Morgavi, Daniele* ; Perugini, Diego* 
2017Effect of iron and nanolites on Raman spectra of volcanic glasses: A reassessment of existing strategies to estimate the water contentDi Genova, Danilo* ; Sicola, Stefania* ; Romano, Claudia* ; Vona, Alessandro* ; Fanara, Sara* ; Spina, Laura* 
2-Sep-2018An experimental approach to investigate seismo-acoustic markers of degassing patternsSpina, Laura* ; Morgavi, Daniele* ; Cannata, Andrea* ; Perugini, Diego* 
May-2018An experimental device for characterizing degassing processes and related elastic fingerprints: Analog volcano seismo-acoustic observationsSpina, Laura* ; Morgavi, Daniele* ; Cannata, Andrea* ; Campeggi, Carlo* ; Perugini, Diego* 
16-Sep-2019Experimental investigations on degassing behavior and related seismo-acoustic markers: the effect of complex conduit geometriesSpina, Laura* ; Morgavi, Daniele* ; Cannata, Andrea* ; Perugini, Diego* 
10-Sep-2019Exploring the link between microseism and sea ice in Antarctica by using machine learningCannata, Andrea* ; Cannavò, Flavio* ; Moschella, Salvatore* ; Gresta, Stefano* ; Spina, Laura* 
2016"Explosive volcanic activity at Mt. Yasur: A characterization of the acoustic events (9–12th July 2011)"Spina, Laura* ; Taddeucci, Jacopo* ; Cannata, Andrea* ; Gresta, Stefano* ; Lodato, Luigi* ; Privitera, Eugenio* ; Scarlato, Piergiorgio* ; Gaeta, Mario* ; Gaudin, Damien* ; Palladino, Danilo Mauro* 
10-Oct-2017From magma ascent to ash generation: investigating volcanic conduit processes by integrating experiments, numerical modeling, and observationsPolacci, Margherita* ; de' Michieli Vitturi, Mattia* ; Arzilli, Fabio* ; Burton, Michael. R.* ; Caricchi, Luca* ; Carr, Brett* ; Cerminara, Matteo* ; Cimarelli, Corrado* ; Clarke, Amanda B.* ; Colucci, Simone* ; Costa, Antonio* ; Degruyter, Wim* ; Druitt, Timothy* ; Engwell, Samantha* ; Esposti Ongaro, Tomaso* ; Giordano, Daniele* ; Gurioli, Lucia* ; Haddadi, Baptiste* ; Kendrick, Jackie* ; Kueppers, Ulrich* ; Lamur, Anthony* ; Lavallée, Yan* ; LLewellin, Edward* ; Mader, Heidi* ; Metrich, Nicole* ; Montagna, Chiara* ; Neri, Augusto* ; Rivalta, Eleonora* ; Saccorotti, Gilberto* ; Sigmundsson, Freysteinn* ; Spina, Laura* ; Taddeucci, Jacopo* 
2019Gas mobility in rheologically-layered volcanic conduits: The role of decompression rate and crystal content on the ascent dynamics of magmasSpina, Laura* ; Morgavi, D.* ; Costa, Antonio* ; Scheu, Bettina* ; Dingwell, Donald B.* ; Perugini, Diego* 
17-Apr-2016Imaging the shallow volcanic conduit from magma analogue decompression experiments: their implication for volcanic eruptions and applications to numerical modelsSpina, Laura* ; Cimarelli, Corrado* ; Scheu, Bettina* ; Di Genova, Danilo* ; Colucci, Simone* ; de' Michieli Vitturi, Mattia* ; Dingwell, Donald Bruce* 
2011Insights into explosive activity at closely-spaced eruptive vents using infrasound signals: Example of Mt. Etna 2008 eruptionCannata, A.* ; Sciotto, M.* ; Spampinato, L.* ; Spina, L.* 
2015Insights into Mt. Etna’s Shallow Plumbing System from the Analysis of Infrasound Signals, August 2007–December 2009Spina, L.* ; Cannata, A.* ; Privitera, E.* ; Vergniolle, S.* ; Ferlito, C.* ; Gresta, S.* ; Montalto, P.* ; Sciotto, M.* 
16-Sep-2019Lava fountaining activity: the Collapsing Foam Layer Model applied to the 2000 – 2013 South-East Crater eruptive period (Mt. Etna, Italy)Musu, Alessandro* ; Morgavi, Daniele* ; Spina, Laura* ; Corsaro, Rosa Anna* ; Perugini, Diego* 
17-Apr-2016Multiparametric approach to unravel the mechanism of Strombolian activity at a multivent system: Mt. Etna case studyCannata, Andrea* ; Del Bello, Elisabetta* ; Kueppers, Ulrich* ; Privitera, Eugenio* ; Ricci, Tullio* ; Scarlato, Piergiorgio* ; Sciotto, Mariangela* ; Spina, Laura* ; Taddeucci, Jacopo* ; Peña Fernández, Juan José* ; Sesterhenn, Joern* 
17-Apr-2016Multiscale Behavior of Viscous Fluids Dynamics: Experimental ObservationsArciniega Ceballos, Alejandra* ; Spina, Laura* ; Scheu, Bettina* ; Dingwell, Donald Bruce* 
2016On the slow decompressive response of volatile- and crystal-bearing magmas: An analogue experimental investigationSpina, Laura* ; Cimarelli, Corrado* ; Scheu, Bettina* ; Di Genova, Danilo* ; Dingwell, Donald B.* 
2013Seismic and Infrasound Signals at Mt. Etna: Modelling the North-East Crater Conduit and its Relation with the 2008-2009 Eruption Feeding SystemSciotto, M.* ; Cannata, A.* ; Gresta, S.* ; Privitera, E.* ; Spina, L.*