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127-Feb-2020Anak Krakatau triggers volcanic freezer in the upper tropospherePrata, A T* ; Folch, A.* ; Prata, A. J.* ; Biondi, R* ; Brenot, Hugues* ; Cimarelli, Corrado* ; Corradini, Stefano* ; Lapierre, J* ; Costa, Antonio* 
22020Analysing stress field conditions of the Colima Volcanic Complex (Mexico) by integrating finite-element modelling (FEM) simulations and geological dataMassaro, Silvia* ; Sulpizio, Roberto* ; Norini, Gianluca* ; Groppelli, Gianluca* ; Costa, Antonio* ; Capra, Lucia* ; Lo Zupone, Giacomo* ; Porfido, Michele* ; Gabrieli, Andrea* 
32008Ash fallout scenarios at Vesuvius: Numerical simulations and implications for hazard assessmentMacedonio, G.* ; Costa, A.* ; Folch, A.* 
42016Assessing tephra total grain-size distribution: Insights from field data analysisCosta, Antonio* ; Pioli, L.* ; Bonadonna, C.* 
52008An automatic procedure to forecast tephra falloutFolch, A.* ; Cavazzoni, C.* ; Costa, A.* ; Macedonio, G.* 
62010BET_VH: exploring the influence of natural uncertainties on long-term hazard from tephra fallout at Campi Flegrei (Italy)Selva, J.* ; Costa, A.* ; Marzocchi, W.* ; Sandri, L.* 
7Apr-2016Beyond eruptive scenarios: assessing tephra fallout hazard from Neapolitan volcanoesSandri, L.* ; Costa, A.* ; Selva, J.* ; Tonini, R.* ; Macedonio, G.* ; Folch, A.* ; Sulpizio, R.* 
82012Brief Communication “Rain effect on the load of tephra deposits”Macedonio, G.* ; Costa, A.* 
92015Brief Communication: The effect of submerged vents on probabilistic hazard assessment for tephra falloutTonini, R.* ; Sandri, L.* ; Costa, A.* ; Selva, J.* 
102016Cameroon's Lake Nyos Gas Burst: 30 Years LaterRouwet, Dmitri* ; Tanyileke, Greg* ; Costa, Antonio* 
112005Carbon dioxide diffuse degassing and estimation of heat release from volcanic and hydrothermal systemsChiodini, G.* ; Granieri, D.* ; Avino, R.* ; Caliro, S.* ; Costa, A.* ; Werner, C.* 
1215-Jun-2013Carbon dioxide in the urban area of Naples: Contribution and effects of the volcanic sourceGranieri, D.* ; Costa, A.* ; Macedonio, G.* ; Bisson, M.* ; Chiodini, G.* 
132020Characterizing magma fragmentation and its relationship with eruptive styles of Somma-Vesuvius volcano (Naples, Italy)Poret, Matthieu* ; Di Donato, Miriana* ; Costa, Antonio* ; Sulpizio, Roberto* ; Mele, Daniela* ; Lucchi, Federico* 
142005A computer model for volcanic ashfallout and assessment of subsequent hazardMacedonio, G.* ; Costa, A.* ; Longo, A.* 
152007Control of magma flow in dykes on cyclic lava dome extrusionCosta, A.* ; Melnik, O.* ; Sparks, R. S. J.* ; Voight, B.* 
162020Control of Vent Geometry on the Fluid Dynamics of Volcanic Plumes: Insights From Numerical SimulationsSuzuki, Yujiro J* ; Costa, Antonio* ; Koyaguchi, Takehiro* 
172007Controls of conduit geometry and wallrock elasticity on lava dome eruptionsCosta, A.* ; Melnik, O.* ; Sparks, R. S. J* 
182017Corrigendum to “Assessing tephra total grain-size distribution: Insights from field data analysis” [Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 443 (2016) 90–107]Costa, Antonio* ; Pioli, Laura* ; Bonadonna, Costanza* 
192019Corrigendum to “Sensitivity test and ensemble hazard assessment for tephra fallout at Campi Flegrei, Italy” [J. Vol. Geotherm. Res. 351(2018) 1–28]Selva, Jacopo* ; Costa, Antonio* ; De Natale, Giuseppe* ; Di Vito, Mauro Antonio* ; Isaia, Roberto* ; Macedonio, Giovanni* 
202013Coupled subdaily and multiweek cycles during the lava dome eruption of Soufrière Hills Volcano, MontserratCosta, Antonio* ; Wadge, G.* ; Stewart, R.* ; Odbert, H.*