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1May-19962D seismic tomography of Somma- Vesuvius. Description of the experiment and preliminary results.Zollo, A.* ; Gasparini, P.* ; Biella, G.* ; de Franco, R.* ; Buonocore, B.* ; Mirabile, L.* ; De Natale, G.* ; Milano, G.* ; Pingue, F.* ; Vilardo, G.* ; Bruno, P. P.* ; De Matteis, R.* ; Le Meur, H.* ; Iannaccone, G.* ; Deschamps, A.* ; Virieux, J.* ; Nardi, A.* ; Frepoli, A.* ; Hunstad, I.* ; Guerra, I.* 
220103D tomographic imaging of the southern Apennines (Italy): A statistical approach to estimate the model uncertainty and resolutionDe Matteis, R.* ; Romeo, A.* ; Pasquale, G.* ; Iannaccone, G.* ; Zollo, A.* 
3Jun-2001Accelerometric radiation simulation for the September 26, 1997 Umbria-Marche (Central Italy) main shocksEmolo, A.* ; Zollo, A.* 
4Nov-2007An advanced seismic network in the Southern Apennines (Italy) for seismicity investigations and experimentation with earthquake early warning.Weber, E.* ; Convertito, V.* ; Iannaccone, G.* ; Zollo, A.* ; Bobbio, A.* ; Cantore, L.* ; Corciulo, M.* ; Di Crosta, M.* ; Elia, L.* ; Martino, C.* ; Romeo, A.* ; Satriano, C.* 
52011Assessment of pre-crisis and syn-crisis seismic hazard at Campi Flegrei and Mt. Vesuvius volcanoes, Campania, southern ItalyConvertito, V.* ; Zollo, A.* 
63-Dec-2008A bayesian approach to the real time estimation of magnitude from the early P- and S-wave displacement peaksLancieri, M.* ; Zollo, A.* 
72016BISTROP: Bayesian Inversion of Spectral‐Level Ratios andP‐Wave Polarities for Focal Mechanism DeterminationDe Matteis, Raffaella* ; Convertito, Vincenzo* ; Zollo, Aldo* 
82006Campi Flegrei active seismic experiments waveforms compilationCapuano, P.* ; Zollo, A.* ; Auger, E.* ; Caielli, G.* ; Chiarabba, C.* ; Convertito, V.* ; D’Auria, L.* ; De Franco, R.* ; Emolo, A.* ; Judenherc, S.* ; Lovisa, L.* ; Makris, J.* ; Michelini, A.* ; Moretti, M.* ; Priolo, E.* ; Russo, G.* ; Virieux, J.* 
92012The Campi Flegrei Blind Test: Evaluating the Imaging Capability of Local Earthquake Tomography in a Volcanic AreaPriolo, E.* ; Lovisa, L.* ; Zollo, A.* ; B¨ohm, G.* ; D’Auria, L.* ; Gautier, S.* ; Gentile, F.* ; Klin, P.* ; Latorre, D.* ; Michelini, A.* ; Vanorio, T.* ; Virieux, J.* 
102012A comprehensive approach for evaluating network performance in surface and borehole seismic monitoringStabile, T.* ; Iannaccone, G.* ; Zollo, A.* ; Lomax, A.* ; Ferulano, F.* ; Vetri, L.* ; Barzaghi, L.* 
112018Crustal Deformation and Seismicity Modulated by Groundwater Recharge of Karst AquifersD'Agostino, Nicola* ; Silverii, F.* ; Amoroso, O.* ; Convertito, Vincenzo* ; Fiorillo, F.* ; Ventafridda, G.* ; Zollo, A.* 
12Oct-2017Damage detection in elastic properties of masonry bridges using coda wave interferometrySerra, Marcello* ; Festa, Gaetano* ; Vassallo, Maurizio* ; Zollo, Aldo* ; Quattrone, Antonino* ; Ceravolo, Rosario* 
1324-Jan-2022Decade-long monitoring of seismic velocity changes at the Irpinia fault system (southern Italy) reveals pore pressure pulsationsDe Landro, Grazia* ; Amoroso, Ortensia* ; Russo, Guido* ; D'Agostino, Nicola* ; Esposito, Roberta* ; Emolo, Antonio* ; Zollo, Aldo* 
14Oct-2008Depth and morphology of reflectors from the non-linear inversion of arrival times and waveforms semblance data. Part II: Modelling and interpretation of real data acquired in Southern Apennines, ItalyCorciulo, M.* ; Zollo, A.* ; Vassallo, M.* ; Dell'Aversana, P.* ; Morandi, S.* 
152004Depth of a Midcrustal Discontinuity beneath Mt. Vesuvius from the Stacking of Reflected and Converted Waves on Local Earthquake RecordsNisii, V.* ; Zollo, A.* ; Iannaccone, G.* 
161993Details of the rupture Kinematics and mechanism of the 1980 Irpinai earthquake: new results and remaining questionsBernard, P.* ; Zollo, A.* ; Trifu, C.I.* ; Herrero, A.* 
172010Development of a site conditions map for the Campania-Lucania region (southern Apennines, Italy)Cantore, L.* ; Convertito, V.* ; Zollo, A.* 
1827-Feb-2009Earthquake early warning system in southern Italy: Methodologies and performance evaluationZollo, A.* ; Iannaccone, G.* ; Lancieri, M.* ; Cantore, L.* ; Convertito, V.* ; Emolo, A.* ; Festa, G.* ; Gallovič, F.* ; Martino, C.* ; Satriano, C.* ; Gasparini, P.* 
1927-Nov-2008Earthquake magnitude estimation from early radiated energyFesta, G* ; Zollo, A.* ; Lancieri, M.* 
202006Earthquake magnitude estimation from peak amplitudes of very early seismic signals on strong motion recordsZollo, A.* ; Lancieri, M.* ; Nielsen, S.*