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De Matteis, Raffaella
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1May-19962D seismic tomography of Somma- Vesuvius. Description of the experiment and preliminary results.Zollo, A.* ; Gasparini, P.* ; Biella, G.* ; de Franco, R.* ; Buonocore, B.* ; Mirabile, L.* ; De Natale, G.* ; Milano, G.* ; Pingue, F.* ; Vilardo, G.* ; Bruno, P. P.* ; De Matteis, R.* ; Le Meur, H.* ; Iannaccone, G.* ; Deschamps, A.* ; Virieux, J.* ; Nardi, A.* ; Frepoli, A.* ; Hunstad, I.* ; Guerra, I.* 
220103D tomographic imaging of the southern Apennines (Italy): A statistical approach to estimate the model uncertainty and resolutionDe Matteis, R.* ; Romeo, A.* ; Pasquale, G.* ; Iannaccone, G.* ; Zollo, A.* 
32016BISTROP: Bayesian Inversion of Spectral‐Level Ratios andP‐Wave Polarities for Focal Mechanism DeterminationDe Matteis, Raffaella* ; Convertito, Vincenzo* ; Zollo, Aldo* 
42009Earthquake focal mechanisms and stress inversion in the Irpinia Region (southern Italy)Pasquale, G.* ; De Matteis, R.* ; Romeo, A.* ; Maresca, R.* 
52011The Effectiveness of a Distant Accelerometer Array to Compute Seismic Source Parameters: The April 2009 L'Aquila Earthquake Case HistoryMaercklin, N.* ; Zollo, A.* ; Orefice, A.* ; Festa, G.* ; Emolo, A.* ; De Matteis, R.* ; Delouis, B.* ; Bobbio, A.* 
62017Evidence for Static and Dynamic Triggering of Seismicity Following the 24 August 2016, M W = 6.0, Amatrice (Central Italy) EarthquakeConvertito, Vincenzo* ; De Matteis, Raffaella* ; Pino, Nicola Alessandro* 
7Apr-2012Fault Extent Estimation for Near-Real-Time Ground-Shaking Map Computation PurposesConvertito, V.* ; Caccavale, M.* ; De Matteis, R.* ; Emolo, A.* ; Wald, D.* ; Zollo, A.* 
810-Sep-2020Fluid-Triggered Aftershocks in an Anisotropic Hydraulic Conductivity Geological Complex: The Case of the 2016 Amatrice Sequence, ItalyConvertito, Vincenzo* ; De Matteis, Raffaella* ; Improta, Luigi* ; Pino, Nicola Alessandro* 
92003Local Site Effects in the Town of Benevento (Italy) from Noise MeasurementsMaresca, R.* ; Castellano, M.* ; De Matteis, R.* ; Saccorotti, G.* ; Vaccariello, P.* 
102010Rapid estimation of ground-shaking maps for seismic emergency management in the Campania Region of southern ItalyConvertito, V.* ; De Matteis, R.* ; Cantore, L.* ; Zollo, A.* ; Iannaccone, G.* ; Caccavale, M.* 
11Feb-2019Seismic noise cross-correlation in the urban area of Benevento city (Southern Italy)Vassallo, Maurizio* ; De Matteis, Raffaella* ; Bobbio, Antonella* ; Di Giulio, Giuseppe* ; Adinolfi, Guido Maria* ; Cantore, Luciana* ; Cogliano, Rocco* ; Fodarella, Antonio* ; Maresca, Rosalba* ; Pucillo, Stefania* ; Riccio, Gaetano* 
12Nov-2008Three-dimensional tomography and rock properties of the Larderello-TravaleDe Matteis, R.* ; Vanorio, T.* ; Zollo, A.* ; Ciuffi, S.* ; Fiordelisi, A.* ; Spinelli, E.* 
13May-2020Using ground motion prediction equations to monitor variations in quality factor due to induced seismicity: a feasibility studyConvertito, Vincenzo* ; De Matteis, Raffaella* ; Esposito, Roberta* ; Capuano, Paolo*