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Authors: de Nardis, Rita* 
Pandolfi, Claudia* 
Cattaneo, Marco* 
Monachesi, Giancarlo* 
Cirillo, Daniele* 
Ferrarini, Federica* 
Bello, Simone* 
Brozzetti, Francesco* 
Lavecchia, Giusy* 
Title: Lithospheric double shear zone unveiled by microseismicity in a region of slow deformation
Journal: Scientific Reports 
Series/Report no.: /12 (2022)
Publisher: Nature PG
Issue Date: 6-Dec-2022
DOI: 10.1038/s41598-022-24903-1
Subject Classification04.06. Seismology 
Abstract: The deformation style of the continental lithosphere is a relevant issue for geodynamics and seismic hazard perspectives. Here we show the first evidence of two well-distinct low-angle and SW-dipping individual reverse shear zones of the Italian Outer Thrust System in Central Italy. One corresponds to the down-dip prosecution of the Adriatic Basal Thrust with its major splay and the other to a hidden independent structure, illuminated at a depth between 25 and 60 km, for an along-strike extent of ~ 150 km. Combining geological information with high-quality seismological data, we unveil this novel configuration and reconstruct a detailed 3D geometric and kinematic fault model of the compressional system, active at upper crust to upper mantle depths. In addition, we report evidence of coexisting deformation volumes undergoing well-distinguished stress fields at different lithospheric depths. These results provide fundamental constraints for a forthcoming discussion on the Apennine fold-and-thrust system's geodynamic context as a shallow subduction zone or an intra-continental lithosphere shear zone.
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