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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Shear wave splitting of the 2009 L'Aquila seismic sequence: Fluid saturated microcracks and crustal fractures in the Abruzzi region (Central Apennines, Italy)Baccheschi, Paola* ; Pastori, Marina* ; Margheriti, Lucia* ; Piccinini, Davide* 
2016Crystal residence times from trace element zoning in plagioclase reveal changes in magma transfer dynamics at Mt. Etna during the last 400 yearsViccaro, Marco* ; Barca, Donatella* ; Bohrson, Wendy* ; D'Oriano, Claudia* ; Giuffrida, Marisa* ; Nicotra, Eugenio* ; Pitcher, Bradley* 
2016The onset of an eruption: selective assimilation of hydrothermal minerals during pre-eruptive magma ascent of the 2010 summit eruption of Eyjafjallajökull volcano, IcelandPistolesi, Marco* ; Cioni, Raffaello* ; Francalanci, Lorella* ; Bertagnini, Antonella* ; D'Oriano, Claudia* ; Braschi, Eleonora* ; Hoskuldsson, A.* 
1-Mar-2019Il programma autoparco dell’INGV Osservatorio Vesuviano: un esempio di sviluppo rapido di applicazioni a basso costoBorriello, Giuseppe* ; Maiello, Anna* 
2015MeMoVolc consensual document: a review of cross-disciplinary approaches to characterizing small explosive magmatic eruptionsGurioli, Lucia* ; Andronico, Daniele* ; Bachelery, Patrick* ; Balcone-boissard, Helene* ; Battaglia, Jean* ; Boudon, Georges* ; Burgisser, Alen* ; Burton, Mike* ; Cashman, Katharine* ; Cichy, S.* ; Cioni, Raffaello* ; Di Muro, Andréa* ; Dominguez, Lucia* ; D'Oriano, Claudia* ; Druitt, Timothy* ; Harris, Andrew J. L.* ; Hort, Matthias* ; Kelfoun, Karim* ; Komorowski, Jean-Christophe* ; Kueppers, Ulrich* ; Le Pennec, Jean-Luc* ; Menand, Thierry* ; Paris, Raphael* ; Pioli, Laura* ; Pistolesi, Marco* ; Polacci, Margherita* ; Pompilio, Massimo* ; Ripepe, Maurizio* ; Roche, Olivier* ; Rose-Koga, Estelle* ; Rust, Alison* ; Schiavi, Federica* ; Scharff, Lea* ; Sulpizio, Roberto* ; Taddeucci, Jacopo* ; Thordarson, Thor* 
2013Effects of experimental reheating of natural basaltic ash at different temperatures and redox conditionsD'Oriano, Claudia* ; Pompilio, Massimo* ; Bertagnini, Antonella* ; Cioni, Raffaello* ; Pichavant, Michel* 
1992The uncertainty and ambiguity of isoseismal mapsDe Rubeis, Valerio* ; Gasparini, Calvino* ; Maramai, Alessandra* ; Murru, Maura* ; Tertulliani, Andrea* 
Apr-1997Seismicity Rate Change Before the Irpinia (M = 6.9) 1980 EarthquakeWyss, Max* ; Console, Rodolfo* ; Murru, Maura* 
12-Mar-2005Mapping of the b value anomalies beneath Mt. Etna, Italy, during July–August 2001 lateral eruptionMurru, Maura* ; Montuori, Caterina* ; Console, Rodolfo* ; Lisi, Arianna* 
17-Jan-2004Seismicity and mean magnitude variations correlated to the strongest earthquakes of the 1997 Umbria-Marche sequence (central Italy)Murru, Maura* ; Console, Rodolfo* ; Lisi, Arianna* 
31-Aug-2019Retrieving Sea Ice Drag Coefficients and Turning Angles From In Situ and Satellite Observations Using an Inverse Modeling FrameworkHeorton, Harold D. B. S.* ; Tsamados, Michel* ; Cole, S. T.* ; Ferreira, Ana M. G.* ; Berbellini, Andrea* ; Fox, M.* ; Armitage, Thomas W. K.* 
15-Dec-2019The anatomy of uppermost mantle shear-wave speed anomalies in the western U.S. from surface-wave amplificationSchardong, Lewis* ; Ferreira, Ana M. G.* ; Berbellini, Andrea* ; Sturgeon, William* 
2019Stress drop, apparent stress, and radiation efficiency of clustered earthquakes in the nucleation volume of the April 6, 2009, M w 6.1 L’Aquila earthquakeCalderoni, Giovanna* ; Rovelli, Antonio* ; Di Giovambattista, Rita* 
2019Heterogeneous Behavior of the Campotosto Normal Fault (Central Italy) Imaged by InSAR GPS and Strong-Motion Data: Insights from the 18 January 2017 EventsCheloni, Daniele* ; D'Agostino, Nicola* ; Scognamiglio, Laura* ; Tinti, Elisa* ; Bignami, Christian* ; Avallone, Antonio* ; Giuliani, Roberta* ; Calcaterra, Stefano* ; Gambino, Piera* ; Mattone, Maurizio* 
10-May-2001A simple and testable model for earthquake clusteringConsole, Rodolfo* ; Murru, Maura* 
2000Statistical assessment of seismicity patterns in Italy: Are they precursors of subsequent events?Console, Rodolfo* ; Montuori, Caterina* ; Murru, Maura* 
15-Aug-1999The locations of magma chambers at Mt. Etna, Italy, mapped by b-valuesMurru, Maura* ; Montuori, Caterina* ; Wyss, Max* ; Privitera, Eugenio* 
2015Contrasting styles of (U)HP rock exhumation along the Cenozoic Adria-Europe plate boundary (Western Alps, Calabria, Corsica)Malusà, Marco Giovanni* ; Faccenna, Claudio* ; Baldwin, Suzanne L.* ; Fitzgerald, Paul G.* ; Rossetti, Federico* ; Balestrieri, Maria Laura* ; Danišík, Martin* ; Ellero, Alessandro* ; Ottria, Giuseppe* ; Piromallo, Claudia* 
3-Jun-2010Dallo spazio al territorio: un sistema per l'Osservazione della Terra in tempo realeSpinetti, Claudia* ; Doumaz, Fawzi* ; Buongiorno, Maria Fabrizia* 
11-Apr-2019Landslide susceptibility mapping by remote sensing and geomorphological data: case studies on the Sorrentina Peninsula (Southern Italy)Spinetti, Claudia* ; Bisson, Marina* ; Tolomei, Cristiano* ; Colini, Laura* ; Galvani, Alessandro* ; Moro, Marco* ; Saroli, Michele* ; Sepe, Vincenzo* 
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 6921