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Bonafede, Maurizio
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12005Analytical and 3-D numerical modelling of Mt. Etna (Italy) volcano inflationBonaccorso, A.* ; Cianetti, S.* ; Giunchi, C.* ; Trasatti, E.* ; Bonafede, M.* ; Boschi, E.* 
22009Bayesian source inference of the 1993–1997 deformation atMount Etna (Italy) by numerical solutionsTrasatti, E.* ; Cianetti, S.* ; Giunchi, C.* ; Bonafede, M.* ; Piana Agostinetti, N.* ; Casu, F.* ; Manzo, M.* 
3Jul-2022Deformation induced by distributions of single forces in a layered half-space: EFGRN/EFCMPNespoli, Massimo* ; Belardinelli, Maria Elina* ; Calò, Marco* ; Tramelli, Anna* ; Bonafede, Maurizio* 
42017Effects of layered crust on the coseismic slip inversion and related CFF variations: Hints from the 2012 Emilia Romagna earthquakeNespoli, Massimo* ; Belardinelli, Maria E.* ; Anderlini, Letizia* ; Bonafede, Maurizio* ; Pezzo, Giuseppe* ; Todesco, Micol* ; Rinaldi, Antonio P.* 
52003Effects of topography and rheological layering on ground deformation in volcanic regionsTrasatti, E.* ; Giunchi, C.* ; Bonafede, M.* 
62011Electrical conductivity, ground displacement, gravity changes, and gas flow at Solfatara crater (Campi Flegrei caldera, Italy): Results from numerical modelingRinaldi, A. P.* ; Todesco, M.* ; Vandemeulebrouck, J.* ; Revil, A.* ; Bonafede, M.* 
72015Geodetic constraints to the source mechanism of the 2011-2013 unrest at Campi Flegrei (Italy) calderaTrasatti, Elisa* ; Polcari, Marco* ; Bonafede, Maurizio* ; Stramondo, Salvatore* 
8Feb-2008Gravity changes due to overpressure sources in 3D heterogeneous media: application to Campi Flegrei caldera, ItalyTrasatti, E.* ; Bonafede, M.* 
92010Hydrothermal instability and ground displacement at the Campi Flegrei calderaRinaldi, A. P.* ; Todesco, M.* ; Bonafede, M.* 
10Aug-2016Modeling earthquake effects on groundwater levels: evidences from the 2012 Emilia earthquake (Italy)Nespoli, Massimo* ; Todesco, Micol* ; Serpelloni, Enrico* ; Belardinelli, Maria Elina* ; Bonafede, Maurizio* ; Marcaccio, Marco* ; Rinaldi, Antonio Pio* ; Anderlini, Letizia* ; Gualandi, Adriano* 
1130-Sep-2010Modeling of unrest signals in heterogeneous hydrothermal systemsTodesco, M.* ; Rinaldi, A. P.* ; Bonafede, M.* 
12Apr-1997Near-field modifications of stress induced by dyke injection at shallow depthBonafede, Maurizio* ; Danesi, Stefania* 
132010A numerical model of dyke propagation in layered elastic mediaMaccaferri, Francesco* ; Bonafede, Maurizio* ; Rivalta, Eleonora* 
142011On deformation sources in volcanic areas: Modeling the Campi Flegrei (Italy) 1982–84 unrestTrasatti, E.* ; Bonafede, M.* ; Ferrari, C.* ; Giunchi, C.* ; Berrino, G.* 
152007On the preparatory processes of the M6.6 earthquake of June 17th, 2000, in IcelandBonafede, Maurizio* ; Ferrari, C.* ; Maccaferri, Francesco* ; Stefánsson, R* 
162018Poroelasticity and Fluid Flow Modeling for the 2012 Emilia-Romagna Earthquakes: Hints from GPS and InSAR DataNespoli, Massimo* ; Belardinelli, Maria Elina* ; Gualandi, Adriano* ; Serpelloni, Enrico* ; Bonafede, Maurizio* 
17Oct-1997A porous flow model of flank eruptions on Mt. Etna: second-order perturbation theoryBonafede, M.* ; Cenni, N.* 
182011A quantitative study of the mechanisms governing dike propagation, dike arrest and sill formationMaccaferri, Francesco* ; Bonafede, Maurizio* ; Rivalta, Eleonora* 
192015Relations between pressurized triaxial cavities and moment tensor distributionsFerrari, Claudio* ; Bonafede, Maurizio* ; Trasatti, Elisa* 
202005Structural and rheological constraints on source depth and overpressure estimates at the Campi Flegrei caldera, ItalyTrasatti, E.* ; Giunchi, C.* ; Bonafede, M.*