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1Jan-20113D integrated geophysical modeling for the 2008 magma intrusion at Etna: Constraints on rheology and dike overpressureCurrenti, G.* ; Napoli, R.* ; Di Stefano, A.* ; Greco, F.* ; Del Negro, C.* 
220114D Hybrid Microgravity Measurements: Two Case Studies of Monitoring at Mt. Etna Volcano and at a Gas Storage Reservoir in Northern ItalyGreco, F.* ; Pistorio, A.* ; Currenti, G.* ; Del Negro, C.* ; Napoli, R.* ; Scandura, D.* 
32011Application of BET_EF to Mount Etna: a retrospective analysis (years 2001-2005)Brancato, A.* ; Gresta, S.* ; Alparone, S.* ; Andronico, D.* ; Bonforte, A.* ; Caltabiano, T.* ; Cocina, O.* ; Corsaro, R. A.* ; Cristofolini, R.* ; Di Grazia, G.* ; Distefano, G.* ; Ferlito, C.* ; Gambino, S.* ; Giammanco, S.* ; Greco, F.* ; Napoli, R.* ; Sandri, L.* ; Selva, J.* ; Tusa, G.* ; Viccaro, M.* 
42002Automated system for magnetic monitoring of active volcanoesDel Negro, C.* ; Napoli, R.* ; Sicali, A.* 
530-Oct-2013Capturing the fingerprint of Etna volcano activity in gravity and satellite radar dataDel Negro, C.* ; Currenti, G.* ; Solaro, G.* ; Greco, F.* ; Pepe, A.* ; Napoli, R.* ; Pepe, S.* ; Casu, F.* ; Sansosti, E.* 
629-May-2014Characterization of the response of spring relative gravimeters during paroxysmal eruptions at Etna volcanoGreco, F.* ; Iafolla, V.* ; Pistorio, A.* ; Fiorenza, E.* ; Currenti, G.* ; Napoli, R.* ; Bonaccorso, A.* ; Del Negro, C.* 
716-Jun-2012Combining relative and absolute gravity measurements to enhance volcano monitoringGreco, F.* ; Currenti, G.* ; D'Agostino, G.* ; Germak, A.* ; Napoli, R.* ; Pistorio, A.* ; Del Negro, C.* 
821-Oct-2008Denoising gravity and geomagnetic signals from Etna volcano (Italy)Del Negro, C.* ; Greco, F.* ; Napoli, R.* ; Nunnari, G.* 
92011Design and application of an adaptive nonstationary filter for noise reduction in volcanomagnetic monitoring at Mt EtnaNapoli, R.* ; Pistorio, A.* ; Scandura, D.* ; Currenti, G.* ; Greco, F.* ; Del Negro, C.* 
102017Effects of hydrothermal unrest on stress and deformation: insights from numerical modeling and application to Vulcano Island (Italy)Currenti, Gilda* ; Napoli, Rosalba* ; Coco, Armando* ; Privitera, Emanuela* 
1127-Jan-2013From source to surface: dynamics of Etna’s lava fountains investigated by continuous strain, magnetic, ground and satellite thermal dataBonaccorso, A.* ; Calvari, S.* ; Currenti, G.* ; Del Negro, C.* ; Ganci, G.* ; Linde, A.* ; Napoli, R.* ; Sacks, S.* ; Sicali, A.* 
122014GEOFIM: a WebGIS application for integrated geophysical modelling in active volcanic regionsCurrenti, Gilda* ; Napoli, Rosalba* ; Sicali, Antonino* ; Greco, Filippo* ; Del Negro, Ciro* 
132002Ground and marine magnetic surveys of the lower eastern flank of Etna volcano (Italy)Del Negro, C.* ; Napoli, R.* 
14Jul-2011High-precision gravity measurements using absolute and relativePistorio, A.* ; Greco, F.* ; Currenti, G.* ; Napoli, R.* ; Sicali, A.* ; Del Negro, C.* ; Fortuna, L.* 
152020Imaging the Salinelle Mud Volcanoes (Sicily, Italy) using integrated geophysical and geochemical surveysNapoli, Rosalba* ; Currenti, Gilda* ; Giammanco, Salvatore* ; Greco, Filippo* ; Maucourant, Samuel* 
162021Influence of permeability on the hydrothermal system at Vulcano Island (Italy): inferences from numerical simulationsStissi, Santina Chiara* ; Napoli, Rosalba* ; Currenti, Gilda* ; Afanasyev, Andrey* ; Montegrossi, Giordano* 
172007Internal structure of Ustica volcanic complex (Italy) based on a 3D inversion of magnetic data.Napoli, R.* ; Currenti, G.* ; Del Negro, C.* 
182017Learning about Hydrothermal Volcanic Activity by Modeling Induced Geophysical ChangesCurrenti, Gilda* ; Napoli, Rosalba* 
19Feb-2008Looking inside the Panarea Island (Aeolian Archipelago, Italy) by gravity and magnetic dataCocchi, L.* ; Caratori Tontini, F.* ; Carmisciano, C.* ; Stefanelli, P.* ; Anzidei, M.* ; Esposito, A.* ; Del Negro, C.* ; Greco, F.* ; Napoli, R.* 
202011Magnetic features of the magmatic intrusion that occurred in the 2007 eruption at Stromboli Island (Italy)Napoli, R.* ; Currenti, G.* ; Del Negro, C.* ; Di Stefano, A.* ; Greco, F.* ; Boschi, E.*