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Authors: Kolinsky, Petr* 
Bokelmann, Goetz* 
Hetényi, Gyorgy* 
Abreu, Rafael* 
Allegretti, Ivo* 
Apoloner, Maria Theresia* 
Aubert, Coralie* 
Besancon, Simon* 
Bes De Berc, Maxime* 
Brunel, Didier* 
Doubre, Cécile* 
Zlebcikova, Helena* 
Carman, Martina* 
Cavaliere, Adriano* 
Cheze, Jerome* 
Chiarabba, Claudio* 
Clinton, John* 
Cougoulat, Glenn* 
Crawford, Wayne C.* 
Cristiano, Luigia* 
Czifra, Tibor* 
Egdorf, Sven* 
D'Alema, Ezio* 
Danesi, Stefania* 
Daniel, Romuald* 
Dannowski, Anke* 
Dasović, Iva* 
Deschamps, Anne* 
Dessa, Jean-Xavier* 
Fiket, Tomislav* 
Fischer, Kasper* 
Friederich, Wolfgang* 
Fuchs, Florian* 
Funke, Sigward* 
Giardini, Domenico* 
Govoni, Aladino* 
Gráczer, Zoltan* 
Jia, Yan* 
Groschl, Gidera* 
Heimers, Stefan* 
Heit, Ben* 
Herak, Davorka* 
Herak, Marijan* 
Huber, Johann* 
Jarić, Dejan* 
Jedlicka, Petr* 
Jund, Helene* 
Kissling, Edi* 
Klingen, Stefan* 
Klotz, Bernhard* 
Kopp, Heidrun* 
Korn, Michael* 
Kotek, Josef* 
Kuhne, Lothar* 
Kuk, Kreso* 
Mazzarini, Francesco* 
Lange, Dietrich* 
Loos, Jurgen* 
Lovati, Sara* 
Malengros, Deny* 
Margheriti, Lucia* 
Maron, Christophe* 
Martin, Xavier* 
Massa, Marco* 
Meier, Thomas* 
Metral, Laurent* 
Molinari, Irene* 
Moretti, Milena* 
Nardi, Anna* 
Pahor, Jurij* 
Paul, Anne* 
Pequegnat, Catherine* 
Petersen, Daniel* 
Regnier, Marc* 
Pesaresi, Damiano* 
Piccinini, Davide* 
Piromallo, Claudia* 
Plenefisch, Thomas* 
Plomerová, Jaroslava* 
Pondrelli, Silvia* 
Prevolnik, Snježan* 
Racine, Roman* 
Reiss, Miriam* 
Ritter, Joachim* 
Rümpker, Georg* 
Salimbeni, Simone* 
Santulin, Marco* 
Scherer, Werner* 
Schippkus, Sven* 
Schulte-Kortnack, Detlef* 
Šipka, Vesna* 
Thomas, Christine* 
Solarino, Stefano* 
Spallarossa, Daniele* 
Spieker, Kathrin* 
Stipçević, Josip* 
Strollo, Angelo* 
Süle, Bálint* 
Szanyi, Gyöngyvér* 
Szűcs, Eszter* 
Thorwart, Martin* 
Tilmann, Frederik* 
Ueding, Stefan* 
Vallocchia, Massimiliano* 
Vecsey, Luděk* 
Voigt, Rene* 
Wassermann, Joachim* 
Wéber, Zoltan* 
Weidle, Christian* 
Capello, Marco* 
Wesztergom, Viktor* 
Weyland, Gauthier* 
Wiemer, Stefan* 
Wolf, Felix* 
Wolyniec, David* 
Zieke, Thomas* 
Živčić, Mladen* 
Title: Arrival angles of teleseismic fundamental mode Rayleigh waves across the the AlpArray
Journal: Geophysical Journal International 
Series/Report no.: /218(2019)
Issue Date: 2019
DOI: 10.1093/gji/ggz081
Abstract: The dense AlpArray network allows studying seismic wave propagation with high spatial resolution. Here we introduce an array approach to measure arrival angles of teleseismic Rayleigh waves. The approach combines the advantages of phase correlation as in the two-station method with array beamforming to obtain the phase-velocity vector. 20 earthquakes from the first two years of the AlpArray project are selected, and spatial patterns of arrival-angle deviations across the AlpArray are shown in maps, depending on period and earthquake location. The cause of these intriguing spatial patterns is discussed. A simple wave-propagation modelling example using an isolated anomaly and a Gaussian beam solution suggests that much of the complexity can be explained as a result of wave interference after passing a structural anomaly along the wave paths. This indicates that arrival-angle information constitutes useful additional information on the Earth structure, beyond what is currently used in inversions.
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