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Authors: Lepidi, Stefania* 
Di Mauro, Domenico* 
Tozzi, Roberta* 
Cafarella, Lili* 
De Michelis, Paola* 
Marzocchetti, Martina* 
Title: Space observations to determine the location of locally vertical geomagnetic field
Journal: Space Weather of the Heliosphere: Processes and Forecasts, Proceedings IAU Symposium 
Series/Report no.: /335 (2017)
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Issue Date: 2018
DOI: 10.1017/S1743921317007190
Subject Classification01.03. Magnetosphere 
Abstract: The points where the horizontal component of the geomagnetic field vanishes are located in polar areas, far away from the geomagnetic (analytic) poles and the poles of rotation of the Earth and, differently from the geomagnetic poles, can be found experimentally with a magnetic survey to determine where the field is vertical. The experimental determination of the area where the total field is perfectly vertical, commonly known as dip pole, is not simple, due to the remoteness and harsh climatic conditions; another difficulty is related to the short term geomagnetic field variations, due to the interaction with the external solar wind, which causes the magnetospheric dynamics, particularly evident at high latitude, and as a consequence a displacement of the dip pole. Actually, the study of the dip pole displacements over short time scales can be an important tool for monitoring the magnetospheric dynamics at high latitude. In this study we present the updated location of the the dip poles, using data from the Swarm ESA’s constellation of satellites along their almost polar orbits. We also analyse the spatial shift of these areas during different seasons and interplanetary magnetic field orientations.
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