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Authors: Ibanez, J. M.* 
Díaz-Moreno, A.* 
Prudencio, J.* 
Patanè, D.* 
Zuccarello, L.* 
Cocina, O.* 
Luhr, B.* 
Carrión, F.* 
Coltelli, M.* 
Bruno, P. P. M.* 
Bianco, F..* 
Hellweg, M.* 
Abreu, R.* 
Alguacil, G.* 
Álvarez, I.* 
Aranda, C.* 
Benítez, C.* 
Buontempo, L.* 
Feriche, M.* 
García, L.* 
García-Quiroga, D.* 
Martín, J. B.* 
Morales, J.* 
Serrano, I.* 
Titos, M.* 
Urbano, L.* 
Aiesi, G.* 
Azzaro, R.* 
Barberi, G.* 
Cantarero, M.* 
Cappuccio, P.* 
Cavallaro, D.* 
Contrafatto, D.* 
Di Prima, S.* 
Falsaperla, S.* 
Firetto Carlino, M.* 
Giampiccolo, E.* 
Graziano, L.* 
Musumeci, C.* 
Paratore, M.* 
Pellegrino, D.* 
Pulvirenti, M.* 
Rapisarda, S.* 
Sassano, M.* 
Scarfì, L.* 
Scuderi, L.* 
Sicali, A.* 
Tusa, G.* 
Tuvè, T.* 
Del Pezzo, E.* 
Fiore, S.* 
Galluzzo, D.* 
La Rocca, M.* 
Longobardi, M.* 
Nocerino, L.* 
Scognamiglio, S.* 
Bottari, C.* 
Criscuoli, F.* 
De Gori, P.* 
Giovani, L.* 
Messina, A.* 
Silvestri, M.* 
Salimbeni, S.* 
Dahm, T.* 
García-Yeguas, A.* 
Ontiveros, A.* 
Coello, E.* 
Cordero, M.* 
Guillén, C.* 
Romero, M. C.* 
McCann, H.* 
Bretón, M.* 
Boyd, S.* 
Koulakov, I.* 
Abramenkov, S.* 
Title: TOMO-ETNA experiment at Etna volcano: Activities on land
Series/Report no.: 4/59(2016)
Issue Date: 2016
DOI: 10.4401/ag-7080
Keywords: Active and passive seismic experiment
Seismic tomography
Etna volcano
Oceanographic vessels
Subject Classification04. Solid Earth::04.06. Seismology::04.06.07. Tomography and anisotropy 
Abstract: In the present paper we describe the on-land field operations integrated in the TOMO-ETNA experiment carried out in June-November 2014 at Mt. Etna volcano and surrounding areas. This terrestrial campaign consists in the deployment of 90 short-period portable three-component seismic stations, 17 broadband seismometers and the coordination with 133 permanent seismic station belonging to Italy’s Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia (INGV). This temporary seismic network recorded active and passive seismic sources. Active seismic sources were generated by an array of air-guns mounted in the Spanish oceanographic vessel “Sarmiento de Gamboa” with a power capacity of up to 5200 cubic inches. In total more than 26,000 shots were fired and more than 450 local and regional earthquakes were recorded. We describe the whole technical procedure followed to guarantee the success of this complex seismic experiment. We started with the description of the location of the potential safety places to deploy the portable network and the products derived from this search (a large document including full characterization of the sites, owners and indication of how to arrive to them). A full technical description of the seismometers and seismic sources is presented. We show how the portable seismic network was deployed, maintained and recovered in different stages. The large international collaboration of this experiment is reflected in the participation of more than 75 researchers, technicians and students from different institutions and countries in the on-land activities. The main objectives of the experiment were achieved with great success.
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