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Mishonov, Alexey
I am a researcher with extensive experience in various fields of oceanography including ocean color (satellite, aircraft, and ship-based measurements), water transmissivity, particulate organic carbon research, and oceanographic data management and analysis. I have participated in development of a remote sensing algorithm for particulate organic carbon estimates based on ocean color data and have published several papers on this topic. My work has been supported by National Science Foundation and Office of Naval Research, Department of Environment and Transportation and The Royal Society (both - United Kingdom), and NATO. In my current position of ESSIC Research Scientist stationed at NOAA/NESDIS/NCEI (ex-NODC), I am working on the World Ocean Database (WOD) and World Ocean Atlas (WOA) — the largest ocean data repository and most important products of the Ocean Climate Laboratory. Recently I have been developing and creating new sets of hi-resolution Regional Climatologies. I am also heavily involved in analysis and quality control of data from various providers all over the world for updating WOD & WOA, data dissemination, and publication of the scientific results.
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