Vlada Stamenković

Credit Name
Vlada Stamenković
Full Name
Stamenković, Vlada
Vlada Stamenkovic
Personal Site
Now: Research Scientist @ NASA-JPL, Past: - Simons Collaboration on the Origins of Life Fellow @ Caltech, - Swiss National Science Foundation Fellow @ MIT, - PhD, University of Münster & European Space Agency in Earth & planetary sciences, - MSc, ETH Zurich in theoretical physics. I am exploring the connections between the co-evolution of planets and life—from deep to modern time—on Earth, Mars and on exoplanets. Next to that, I am passionately active in developing subsurface exploration missions to search for life and resources on Mars - to solve the biggest question of humanity (is there life out there?), to get us ready to live on the red planet, and to help our world become a fairer place. You can check out my work on www.GeoEvolution.org.
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