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Stavrakakis, G. N.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jan-1997Crustal structure of the Gulf of Corinth in Central Greece, determined from magnetotelluric soundingsChouliaras, G.* ; Pham, V. N.* ; Boyer, D.* ; Bernard, P.* ; Stavrakakis, G. N.* 
2Feb-1999The October 9, 1996 earthquake in Cyprus: seismological, macroseismic and strong motion dataKalogeras, I.* ; Stavrakakis, G.* ; Solomi, K.* 
3Jan-1997P-wave crustal tomography of Greece with use of an accurate two-point ray tracerDrakatos, G.* ; Karantonis, G.* ; Stavrakakis, G. N.* 
4Apr-2004Paleoseismological Trenching across the Atalanti Fault (Central Greece): Evidence for the Ancestors of the 1894 Earthquake during the Middle Ages and Roman TimesPantosti, D.* ; De Martini, P. M.* ; Papanastassiou, D.* ; Lemeille, F.* ; Palyvos, N.* ; Stavrakakis, G.* 
5Feb-2007A physically based strong ground-motion prediction methodology; application to PSHA and the 1999 Mw = 6.0 Athens earthquakeHutchings, L.* ; Ioannidou, E.* ; Foxall, W.* ; Voulgaris, N.* ; Savy, J.* ; Kalogeras, I.* ; Scognamiglio, L.* ; Stavrakakis, G.* 
6Aug-2001A Reappraisal of the 1894 Atalanti Earthquake Surface Ruptures, Central GreecePantosti, D.* ; De Martini, P. M.* ; Papanastassiou, D.* ; Palyvos, N.* ; Lemeille, F.* ; Stavrakakis, G.* 
71999Short Term and Short Range Seismicity Patterns in Different Seismic Areas of the WorldConsole, R.* ; Di Luccio, F.* ; Murru, M.* ; Imoto, M.* ; Stavrakakis, G.* 
8Jan-1997Tomographic image of the crust and uppermost mantle of the Ionian and Aegean regionsAlessandrini, B.* ; Beranzoli, L.* ; Drakatos, G.* ; Falcone, C.* ; Karantonis, G.* ; Mele, F. M.* ; Stavrakakis, G. N.* 
9Jan-1997A tomography image of the Aegean region (Greece) derived from inversion of macroseismic intensity dataStavrakakis, G. N.* ; Drakatos, G.* ; Karantonis, G.* ; Papanastassiou, D.*