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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Jul-2020Ai sudari di Sudiro , una garbata rispostaScalera, Giancarlo 
Dec-2012Ancient Life’s Gravity and its Implications for the Expanding EarthHurrell, Stephen 
Sep-2019Can the history of the ether receive new boost from geosciences?Scalera, Giancarlo 
2012Distensional Mediterranean and World OrogensScalera, G. 
Dec-2012Distensional Mediterranean and World Orogens - Their Possible Bearing to Mega-Dykes Active RisingScalera, G. 
4-Oct-2011Distensional Mediterranean and World Orogens – Their Possible Bearing to Mega-Dikes' Active RisingScalera, G. 
Dec-2012The Earth Expansion Evidence – A Challenge for Geology, Geophysics and AstronomyScalera, G.* ; Boschi, E.* ; Cwojdzinski, S.* 
4-Oct-2011Earth Expansion Evidence: a Challenge for Geology, Geophysics and AstronomyScalera, G.* ; Cwojdzinski, S.* 
Sep-2010Earthquakes, phese changes, fold belts: from Apennines to a global perspectiveScalera, G. 
2-Feb-2019Effects of choosing a cartographic projection on variable radius paleogeographic reconstructionsScalera, Giancarlo 
2019Effetti della scelta della proiezione cartografica su ricostruzioni paleogeografiche a raggio variabileScalera, Giancarlo 
Nov-2020An Expanding Earth - A reply to two recent denial papersScalera, Giancarlo 
4-Oct-2011Extended abstracts book of the Workshop ‘The Earth Expansion Evidence’ 37th Interdisciplinary Workshop of the International School of GeophysicsScalera, G.* ; Cwojdzinski, S.* 
Dec-2012Geodetic Problems of an Expanding Globe - Simple Critical ArgumentsScalera, G. 
Dec-2006The geodinamic meaning of the deep earthquakes: First clues for a global perspective for fold belts?Scalera, G. 
Mar-2007Geodynamics of tha Wadati-Benioff zone earthquakes: The 2004 Sumatra earthquake and other great earthquakesScalera, G. 
Sep-2021Gravitazione idrodinamica: suo legame con l’espansione dei corpi celesti e con i redshifts – Dalla storia all’oggiScalera, Giancarlo 
7-Nov-2003Gravity and expanding EarthScalera, G. 
2-Jan-2008Great and old earthquakes against great and old paradigms – paradoxes, historical roots, alternative answersScalera, G. 
2021Hydrodynamic Gravitation as Cause of Earth Expansion and Red-ShiftScalera, Giancarlo