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Apr-2020Brittle vs. ductile strain during the synorogenic exhumation of HP-LT rocks: An example from the Lungro-Verbicaro Unit mylonites (northern Calabria, Italy)Vitale, Stefano* ; Tramparulo, Francesco D'Assisi* ; Cappuccio, Francesco* ; Ciarcia, Sabatino* 
2019High-resolution geological investigations to reconstruct the long-term ground movements in the last 15 kyr at Campi Flegrei caldera (southern Italy)Isaia, Roberto* ; Vitale, Stefano* ; Marturano, Aldo* ; Aiello, Giuseppe* ; Barra, Diana* ; Ciarcia, Sabatino* ; Iannuzzi, Enrico* ; Tramparulo, Francesco D'Assisi* 
6-Aug-2020Late miocene-early pliocene out-of-sequence thrusting in the Southern Apennines (Italy)Vitale, Stefano* ; Prinzi, Ernesto Paolo* ; Tramparulo, Francesco D'Assisi* ; De Paola, Claudio* ; Di Maio, Rosa* ; Piegari, Ester* ; Sabbatino, Monia* ; Natale, Jacopo* ; Notaro, Pasqualino* ; Ciarcia, Sabatino* 
Jun-2019Seismically Induced Soft‐Sediment Deformation Phenomena During the Volcano‐Tectonic Activity of Campi Flegrei Caldera (Southern Italy) in the Last 15 kyrVitale, Stefano* ; Isaia, Roberto* ; Ciarcia, Sabatino* ; Di Giuseppe, Maria Giulia* ; Iannuzzi, Enrico* ; Prinzi, Ernesto Paolo* ; Tramparulo, Francesco D'Assisi* ; Troiano, Antonio* 
10-Oct-2020Structural and Stratigraphic Setting of Campagna and Giffoni Tectonic Windows: New Insights on the Orogenic Evolution of the Southern Apennines (Italy)Vitale, Stefano* ; Prinzi, Ernesto Paolo* ; Monda, Maria* ; Tramparulo, Francesco D'Assisi* ; Ciarcia, Sabatino*