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Giordano, Guido
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12006The 2002–2003 submarine gas eruption at Panarea volcano (Aeolian Islands, Italy): Volcanology of the seafloor and implications for the hazard scenarioEsposito, A.* ; Giordano, G.* ; Anzidei, M.* 
24-Jan-2008The Albano Maar Lake high resolution bathymetry and dissolved CO2 budget (Colli Albani volcano, Italy): Constrains to hazard evaluationAnzidei, M.* ; Carapezza, M. L.* ; Esposito, A.* ; Giordano, G.* ; Lelli, M.* ; Tarchini, L.* 
323-Aug-2017The Baia–Fondi di Baia eruption at Campi Flegrei: stratigraphy and dynamics of a multi-stage caldera reactivation eventPistolesi, Marco* ; Bertagnini, Antonella* ; Di Roberto, Alessio* ; Isaia, Roberto* ; Vona, Alessandro* ; Cioni, Raffaello* ; Giordano, Guido* 
429-Mar-2017The complex rheology of megacryst-rich magmas: The case of the mugearitic “cicirara” lavas of Mt. Etna volcanoVona, Alessandro* ; Di Piazza, Andrea* ; Nicotra, Eugenio* ; Romano, Claudia* ; Viccaro, Marco* ; Giordano, Guido* 
5Jun-2008Evidence of active deformation of the Panarea Volcano from GPS dataEsposito, A.* ; Anzidei, M.* ; Pesci, A.* ; Pietrantonio, G.* ; Giordano, G.* 
6Nov-2012Explosion craters associated with shallow submarine gas venting off Panarea island, ItalyMonecke, T.* ; Petersen, S.* ; Hannington, M.* ; Anzidei, M.* ; Esposito, A.* ; Giordano, G.* ; Garbe-Schönberg, D* ; Augustin, N* ; Melchert, B.* ; Hocking, M.* 
710-Oct-2013Facies architecture, emplacement mechanisms and eruption style of the submarine andesite El Barronal complex, Cabo de Gata, SE SpainSoriano, C.* ; Giordano, G.* ; Cas, R.* ; Riggs, N.* ; Porreca, M.* 
8Jun-2019The footprint of column collapse regimes on pyroclastic flow temperatures and plume heightsTrolese, Matteo* ; Cerminara, Matteo* ; Esposti Ongaro, Tomaso* ; Giordano, Guido* 
915-Nov-2017Forced transport of thermal energy in magmatic and phreatomagmatic large volume ignimbrites: Paleomagnetic evidence from the Colli Albani volcano, ItalyTrolese, Matteo* ; Giordano, Guido* ; Cifelli, Francesca* ; Winkler, Aldo* ; Mattei, Massimo* 
1010-Feb-2014Hyaloclastite fragmentation below the glass transition: An example from El Barronal submarine volcanic complex (Spain)Porreca, M.* ; Cifelli, F.* ; Soriano, C.* ; Giordano, G.* ; Romano, C.* ; Conticelli, S.* ; Massimo, M.* 
112011Hydrothermal Breccia Textures and Processes: Lisca Bianca Islet, Panarea Volcano, Aeolian Islands, ItalyCas, R.* ; Giordano, G.* ; Balsamo, F.* ; Esposito, A.* ; Lo Mastro, S.* 
122015Late Pleistocene-Holocene volcanic activity in northern Victoria Land recorded in Ross Sea (Antarctica) marine sediments.Del Carlo, P.* ; Di Roberto, A.* ; Di Vincenzo, G.* ; Bertagnini, A.* ; Landi, P.* ; Pompilio, M.* ; Colizza, E.* ; Giordano, G.* 
132018Magmatic Mn-rich garnets in volcanic settings: Age and longevity of the magmatic plumbing system of the Miocene Ramadas volcanism (NW Argentina)Lucci, Federico* ; Rossetti, Federico* ; Becchio, Raul* ; Theye, Thomas* ; Gerdes, Axel* ; Opitz, Joachim* ; Baez, Walter* ; Bardelli, Lorenzo* ; De Astis, Gianfilippo* ; Viramonte, José* ; Giordano, Guido* 
142003Mechanisms for ground-surface fracturing and incipient slope failure associated with the 2001 eruption of Mt. Etna, Italy: analysis of ephemeral field dataBilli, A.* ; Acocella, V.* ; Funiciello, R.* ; Giordano, G.* ; Lanzafame, G.* ; Neri, M.* 
1528-Oct-2016MeMoVolc report on classification and dynamics of volcanic explosive eruptionsBonadonna, C.* ; Cioni, R.* ; Costa, A.* ; Druitt, T.* ; Phillips, J.* ; Pioli, L.* ; Andronico, D.* ; Harris, A.* ; Scollo, S.* ; Bachmann, O.* ; Bagheri, G.* ; Biass, S.* ; Brogi* ; Cashman, K.* ; Dominguez, L* ; Dürig, T.* ; Galland, O.* ; Giordano, G.* ; Gudmundsson, M.* ; Hort, M.* ; Höskuldsson, A.* ; Houghton, B.* ; Komorowski, J. C.* ; Küppers, U.* ; Lacanna, G.* ; Le Pennec, J. L.* ; Macedonio, G.* ; Manga, M.* ; Manzella, I.* ; de’ Michieli Vitturi, M.* ; Neri, A.* ; Pistolesi, M.* ; Polacci, M.* ; Ripepe, M.* ; Rossi, E.* ; Scheu, B.* ; Sulpizio, R.* ; Tripoli, B.* ; Valade, S.* ; Valentine, G.* ; Vidal, C.* ; Wallenstein, N.* 
16Jan-2010Modeling ground deformations of Panarea volcano hydrothermal/geothermal system (Aeolian Islands, Italy) from GPS dataEsposito, A.* ; Anzidei, M.* ; Atzori, S.* ; Devoti, R.* ; Giordano, G.* ; Pietrantonio, G.* 
172009Modeling ground deformations of Panarea volcano hydrothermal/geothermal system (Aeolian Islands, Italy) from GPS data.Esposito, A.* ; Anzidei, M.* ; Atzori, S.* ; Devoti, R.* ; Giordano, G.* ; Pietrantonio, G.* 
182019Palaeomagnetic dating of the Neostromboli successionRisica, Gilda* ; Speranza, Fabio* ; Giordano, Guido* ; De Astis, Gianfilippo* ; Lucchi, Federico* 
192018Paleomagnetism of Holocene lava flows from the Reykjanes Peninsula and the Tungnaá lava sequence (Iceland): implications for flow correlation and agesPinton, Annamaria* ; Giordano, Guido* ; Speranza, Fabio* ; Þórðarson, Þorvaldur* 
20Jul-2003Structural features of the July–August 2001 Mount Etna eruption: evidence for a complex magma supply systemLanzafame, G.* ; Neri, M.* ; Acocella, V.* ; Billi, A.* ; Funiciello, R.* ; Giordano, G.*