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Authors: Romano, Pierangelo* 
White, John Charles* 
Rotolo, Silvio Giuseppe* 
Jordan, Nina* 
Cirrincione, Rosolino* 
De Giorgio, Giovanni* 
Fiannacca, Patrizia* 
Vaccaro, Epifanio* 
Title: Contrasting Styles of Inter-Caldera Volcanism in a Peralkaline System: Case Studies from Pantelleria (Sicily Channel, Italy)
Journal: Minerals 
Series/Report no.: /12 (2022)
Publisher: MDPI
Issue Date: Mar-2022
DOI: 10.3390/min12040406
Keywords: caldera
Abstract: The recent (<190 ka) volcanic history of Pantelleria is characterized by the eruption of nine peralkaline ignimbrites, ranging in composition from comenditic trachyte to comendite to pantellerite. The ~46 ka Green Tuff (GT) was the last of these ignimbrites, which was followed by many effusive and explosive low-volume eruptions of pantellerite from vents within the caldera moat and along the caldera rim. Although recent studies have shed additional light on the age, petrochemistry, and volcanology of the older ignimbrites, there is very little knowledge of magmatism that occurred between these older ignimbrites, primarily due to the very scarce exposures. In this paper, we present new field descriptions and geochemical data for three local peralkaline centers never studied before, two pre-GT and one post-GT, which share a similar setting with respect to the caldera scarps but differ in terms of their age, composition, and eruptive style. These centers include: (i) the older (~125 ka) Giache center (comenditic trachyte), (ii) the ~67 ka Attalora center (comendite, pantellerite), and (iii) the younger (~14 ka) Patite center (pantellerite).
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