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De Luca, Gaetano
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Aug-2005Evidence of Low-Frequency Amplification in the City of L’Aquila, Central Italy, through a Multidisciplinary Approach Including Strong- and Weak-Motion Data, Ambient Noise, and Numerical ModelingDe Luca, G.* ; Marcucci, S.* ; Milana, G.* ; Sanò, T.* 
231-May-2017Seismic sequences and swarms in the Latium-Abruzzo-Molise Apennines (central Italy): New observations and analysis from a dense monitoring of the recent activityFrepoli, Alberto* ; Cimini, G. B.* ; De Gori, P.* ; De Luca, G.* ; Marchetti, A.* ; Monna, S.* ; Montuori, C.* ; Pagliuca, N. M.* 
315-Oct-2009Seismicity in Central and Northern Apennines integrating the Italian national and regional networksDe Luca, G.* ; Cattaneo, M.* ; Monachesi, G.* ; Amato, A.* 
4Jun-1998Shallow velocity structure of Stromboli volcano, Italy, derived from small-aperture array measurements of Strombolian tremorChouet, B.* ; De Luca, G.* ; Milana, G.* ; Dawson, P.* ; Martini, M.* ; Scarpa, R.* 
524-May-2013Some comments on the potential seismogenic origin of magnetic disturbances observed by Di Lorenzo et al. (2011) close to the time of the 6 April 2009 L’Aquila earthquakeMasci, F.* ; De Luca, G.* 
62013Studio della Sismicità nell’area tra Lazio, Abruzzo e Molise – L’esperimento di sismica passiva del progetto SLAMCimini, G. B.* ; Frepoli, A.* ; De Luca, G.* ; Pagliuca, N. M.* ; Marchetti, A.* ; Giandomenico, E.*