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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Apr-2017The Cape Town Statement on GeoethicsDi Capua, Giuseppe* ; Peppoloni, Silvia* ; Bobrowsky, Peter* 
Sep-2009Che significa “Geoetica”? Dentro le parole, il senso dell’attività del geologoPeppoloni, Silvia 
2014Engineering Geology for Society and Territory - Volume 7: Education, Professional Ethics and Public Recognition of Engineering GeologyPeppoloni, S. 
Jul-2012Ethical and cultural value of the Earth sciences. Interview with Prof. Giulio GiorelloPeppoloni, S. 
2018EthicsPeppoloni, Silvia* ; Di Capua, Giuseppe* 
19-Sep-2011Ethics, scientific research and goals of public usefulnessDi Capua, Giuseppe* ; Peppoloni, Silvia* 
Sep-2009Evento sismico ed etica della responsabilità nell’avanzamento delle conoscenze scientificheDi Capua, G.* ; Peppoloni, S.* 
Jul-2012Foreword and AcknowledgementsPeppoloni, S.* ; Di Capua, G.* 
Sep-2014Geoethical aspects in the natural hazards managementPeppoloni, S* ; Di Capua, G.* 
Sep-2014The “Geoethical Promise”: A ProposalMatteucci, R.* ; Gosso, G.* ; Peppoloni, S.* ; Piacente, S.* ; Wasowski, J.* 
Jul-2012Geoethics and geological culture. Reflections from the Geoitalia Conference 2011Peppoloni, S.* ; Di Capua, G.* 
Jul-2012Geoethics and geological culture: awareness, responsibility and challengesPeppoloni, S.* ; Di Capua, G.* 
May-2015Geoethics: A Challenge for Research Integrity in GeosciencesPeppoloni, S.* ; Bobrowsky, P.* ; Di Capua, G.* 
14-Oct-2015Geoethics: A framework for the management of the geosphere and geo-risksPeppoloni, S. 
18-Nov-2014Geoethics: ethical challenges and case studies in Earth SciencePeppoloni, S. 
Apr-2012Geoethics: the responsibility of geoscientists in making society more aware of natural hazardsPeppoloni, Silvia* ; Matteucci, Ruggero* ; Piacente, Sandra* ; Wasowski, Janusz* 
Oct-2011Geoetica: dibattito in corso e nuove prospettivePeppoloni, S. 
Nov-2007Geoitalia 2007: riflessioni filosofiche per le Scienze della TerraPeppoloni, S. 
18-Nov-2014Geosciences and the stewardship of our planetWyss, M. ; Peppoloni, S. 
Sep-2014Geoscientific Communication Problem with Communities for Disaster Prevention and Land Planning in PeruMacedo, L. ; Villacorta, S. ; Vasquez, S. ; Marino, J. ; Di Capua, G.