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Authors: Favali, P.* 
Azzarone, A.* 
Badiali, L.* 
Beranzoli, L.* 
Cianchini, G.* 
Qamili, E.* 
De Caro, M.G.* 
De Santis, A.* 
Doumaz, F.* 
Embriaco, D.* 
Falcone, G.* 
Giovanetti, G.* 
Lo Bue, N.* 
Marinaro, G.* 
Monna, S.* 
Montuori, C.* 
Sgroi, T.* 
Vinci, S.* 
NEMO Collaboration, NEMO Collaboration* 
Chierici, F.* 
Pignagnoli, L.* 
Zitellini, N.* 
Bruni, F.* 
Gasparoni, F.* 
Title: NEMO-SN1 (Western Ionian Sea, off Eastern Sicily): Example of architecture of a cabled observatory
Issue Date: 5-Apr-2011
Publisher: IEEE
DOI: 10.1109/UT.2011.5774157
Keywords: NEMO-SN1 cabled observatory
High-energy astrophysics
Subject Classification03. Hydrosphere::03.01. General::03.01.04. Ocean data assimilation and reanalysis 
03. Hydrosphere::03.01. General::03.01.08. Instruments and techniques 
03. Hydrosphere::03.02. Hydrology::03.02.04. Measurements and monitoring 
03. Hydrosphere::03.02. Hydrology::03.02.07. Instruments and techniques 
Abstract: NEMO-SN1, located in the central Mediterranean Sea, Western Ionian Sea, off Eastern Sicily Island (Southern Italy) at 2100 m water depth, 25 km from the harbour of the city of Catania, is a prototype of a cabled deep-sea multiparameter observatory and the first operating with real-time data transmission in Europe since 2005. NEMO-SN1 is also the first-established node of EMSO (European Multidisciplinary Seafloor Observatory,, one of the incoming European large-scale research infrastructure included since 2006 in the Roadmap of the ESFRI (European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures,, which will specifically address long-term monitoring of environmental processes related to Marine Ecosystems, Climate Change and Geo-hazards. NEMO-SN1 has been deployed and developed over the last decade thanks to Italian resources and to the EC project ESONET-NoE (European Seas Observatory NETwork - Network of Excellence, 2007-2011) that funded the LIDO-DM (Listening to the Deep Ocean - Demonstration Mission) and a technological interoperability test ( NEMO-SN1 is performing geophysical and environmental long-term monitoring by acquiring seismological, geomagnetic, gravimetric, accelerometric, physico-oceanographic, hydro-acoustic, bioacoustic measurements specifically related to earthquakes and tsunamis generation and ambient noise characterisation in term of marine mammal sounds, environmental and anthropogenic sources. A further main feature of NEMO-SN1 is to be an important test-site for the construction of KM3NeT (Kilometre-Cube Underwater Neutrino Telescope,, another large-scale research infrastructure included in the ESFRI Roadmap constituted by a large volume neutrino telescope. The description of the observatory and the most recent data acquired will be presented and framed in the general objectives of EMSO.
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