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Authors: Scalera, G. 
Editors: Scalera, G. 
Cwojdzinski, S. 
Title: Biogenic/Abiogenic Hydrocarbons’ Origin
Other Titles: Possible Role of Tectonically Active Belts
Publisher: INGV and Aracne Editrice
Issue Date: 2012
Keywords: Abiogenic hydrocarbons
Origin of hydrocarbons
Earth’s expansion and degassing
Nonlithostatic overpressures
Italian oil and gas
Subject Classification04. Solid Earth::04.01. Earth Interior::04.01.99. General or miscellaneous 
04. Solid Earth::04.02. Exploration geophysics::04.02.99. General or miscellaneous 
04. Solid Earth::04.04. Geology::04.04.12. Fluid Geochemistry 
Abstract: The creation of hydrocarbons is linked to tectono-geologic processes and particularly to orogenesis, rifting, overthrusts, erosion, deposition of sediments, deep gas emissions, etc.. Many have claimed the inadequacy of plate tectonics in linearly explain a number of phenomena involved in hydrocarbons generation and geological processes, and many others defended the synthesis of hydrocarbons starting from inorganic minerals, proposing di erent geochemical processes. In this paper a possible mechanism for production of abiogenic hydrocarbons is proposed, linking it to a previously proposed orogenic isostatic model. While in plate tectonics the cold slab travels in contact with the lithosphere of the continental side, oxidizing materials faced to oxidizing materials, in this model a hightemperature reducing environment of undepleted mantle rises up and come in contact with the relatively cold oxidizing lithospheric environment. Non-lithostatic overpressures and a number of chemical reactions are then favoured in this sort of tectonic oxidizing-reducing pile, leading to a multiple origin of hydrocarbons. The actual situation along the Italian Apennines orogenic belt seems in accord to the proposed model in which an important role should have the abiogenic hydrocarbons in particular those produced by the tectonic working at the western margin of the Adriatic plate. However, albeit a continuous accumulation of hydrocarbons is witnessed by a number of planetary bodyes of the Solar system, no evaluation of the abiogenic/biogenic hydrocarbons rate is yet possible on our planet.
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