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Authors: Vinciguerra, S.* 
Xiao, X.* 
Evans, B.* 
Title: Experimental constraints on the mechanics of dyke emplacement in partially molten olivines
Journal: Physical Geology of High-Level Magmatic Systems”, Petford, N.& Breitkreuz, C. Editors, Geological Society Special PublicationGeological Society Special Publication 
Series/Report no.: 234
Publisher: The Geological Society of London
Issue Date: 2004
DOI: 10.1144/GSL.SP.2004.234.01.16
Keywords: Dykes emplacement, Experimental constraints
Subject Classification04. Solid Earth::04.01. Earth Interior::04.01.04. Mineral physics and properties of rocks 
Abstract: We investigated the mechanics of basalt dyke emplacement during laboratory deformation experiments at up to 300 MPa confining pressure and temperatures up to 1200 °C. Experiments have been conducted on two-phase samples of a basalt (MORB) dyke and a matrix of 90% San Carlos Olivine plus 10% MORB. No migration of MORB is observed when samples have been hot isostatically pressed. Conversely, significant diffusion of basalt into the matrix is found when a deviatoric stress is applied. Creep (80-160 MPa) and strain-rate experiments (from 3 x 10 -4 to 5 × 10 -5 s -1) induced melt propagation up to 50% of the initial dyke length/width ratio. The kinematics of deformation are essentially plastic and show a strong dependence on the load applied and the dyke geometry. Local pressure drops, due to dilatancy, are suspected to have enhanced melt migration.
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