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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994La ricarica naturale della falda idrica dell'acquifero costiero di MetapontoMasciopinto, C.* ; Polemio, M.* 
Feb-2003Northern Adriatic general circulation behaviour induced by heat fluxes variations due to possible climatic changesBergamasco, Andrea*; Filipetto, Valentina*; Tomasin, Alberto*; Carniel, Sandro*
2001Hydrogeological monitoring and image analysis of a mudslide in Southern ItalyPolemio, M.* ; Petrucci, O.* 
Sep-2013Millennial-scale phase relationships between ice-core and Mediterranean marine records: insights from high-precision 40Ar/39Ar dating of the Green Tuff of Pantelleria, Sicily StraitScaillet, S.* ; Vita-Scaillet, G.* ; Rotolo, S. G.* 
Jul-2013Generation of CO2-rich melts during basalt magma ascent and degassingPichavant, M.* ; Di Carlo, I.* ; Rotolo, S. G.* ; Scaillet, B.* ; Burgisser, A.* ; Le GAll, N.* ; MArtel, C.* 
Sep-2013Volatiles in pantellerite magmas: A case study of the Green Tuff Plinian eruption (Island of Pantelleria, Italy)Lanzo, Giovanni* ; Landi, P.* ; Rotolo, S.* 
1990Sequence stratigraphy, kinematics and dynamic geohistory of the Crotone Basin (Calabrian Arc, Central Mediterranean): an integrated approachvan Dijk, J. P. 
1-Dec-2012Use of combined scaling of real seismic records to obtain code-compliant sets of accelerograms: application for the city of BucharestCraifaleanu, I.-G.* ; Borcia, I. S.* 
2012Tracking bottom waters in the Southern Adriatic Sea applying seismic oceanography techniquesCarniel, S.* ; Bergamasco, A.* ; Book, J. W.* ; Hobbs, R. W.* ; Sclavo, M.* 
2013A revision of the structure and stratigraphy of pre-Green Tuff ignimbrites at Pantelleria (Strait of Sicily)Rotolo, S. G.* ; Scailet, S.* ; La Felice, S.* ; Vita Scailet, G.* 
Mar-2012A Brownian Model for Recurrent Volcanic Eruptions: an Application to Miyakejima Volcano (Japan)Garcia-Aristizabal, A.* ; Marzocchi, W.* ; Fujita, E.* 
Jun-2012Basic principles of multi-risk assessment: a case study in ItalyMarzocchi, W.* ; Garcia-Aristizabal, A.* ; Gasparini, P.* ; Mastellone, M. L.* ; Di Ruocco, A.* 
2009Investigating the impact of surface wave breaking on modeling the trajectories of drifters in the northern Adriatic Sea during a wind-storm eventCarniel, S.* ; Warner, J. C.* ; Sclavo, M.* ; Chigiato, J.* 
2010Layered structures in the upper Ligurian SeaCarniel, S.* ; Kantha, L.* ; Bergamasco, A.* ; Prandke, H.* ; Small, R. J.* ; Sclavo, M.* 
2011Towards validating a last generation, integrated wave-current-sediment numerical model in coastal regions using video measurementsCarniel, S.* ; Sclavo, M.* ; Archetti, R.* 
2012Evidence of basaltic magma intrusions in a trachytic magma chamber at Pantelleria (Italy)Romengo, N.* ; Landi, P.* ; Rotolo, S. G.* 
2012Il rischio idrogeologico in Italia e il ruolo della ricerca scientificaGuzzetti, F.* ; Polemio, M.* 
Feb-2012Night Thermal Gradient: A New Potential Tool for Earthquake Precursors Studies. An Application to the Seismic Area of L'Aquila (Central Italy)Piroddi, L.*; Ranieri, G.*
1997Vulnerabilità degli acquiferi dei Monti di MarateaD'Ecclesiis, G.* ; Polemio, M.* 
1999Numerical simulation of groundwater protection works against industrial waste dumpPolemio, M.* ; Romanazzi, L.* 
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 277