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Authors: Natoli, P.* 
De Troia, G.* 
Hikage, C.* 
Komatsu, E.* 
Migliaccio, M.* 
Ade, P. A. R.* 
Bock, J. J.* 
Bond, J.R.* 
Borrill, J.* 
Boscaleri, A.* 
Contaldi, C. R.* 
Crill, B. P.* 
de Bernardis, P.* 
de Gasperis, G.* 
A. de Oliveira-Costa, A.* 
Di Stefano, G.* 
Hivon, E.* 
Kisner, T. S.* 
Jones, W. C.* 
Lange, A. E.* 
Masi, S.* 
Mauskop, P. D.* 
MacTavish, C. J.* 
Melchiorri, A.* 
Montroy, T. E.* 
Netterfield, C. B.* 
Pascale, E.* 
Piacentini, F.* 
Polentao, G.* 
Ricciardi, S.* 
Romeo, G.* 
Ruhl, J. E.* 
Tegmark, M.* 
Veneziani, M.* 
Vittorio, N.* 
Title: BOOMERanG Constraints on Primordial Non-Gaussianity from Analytical Minkowski Functionals
Issue Date: 2009
Keywords: Cosmology: early Universe
cosmic microwave backgroundation
methods:statistical – analytical
Subject Classification05. General::05.07. Space and Planetary sciences::05.07.99. General or miscellaneous 
Abstract: We use Minkowski Functionals (MF) to constrain a primordial non-Gaussian contribu- tion to the CMB intensity field as observed in the 150 GHz and 145 GHz BOOMERanG maps from the 1998 and 2003 flights, respectively, performing for the first time a joint analysis of the two datasets. A perturbative expansion of the MF formulae in the limit of a weakly non-Gaussian field yields analytical formulae, derived by Hikage et al. (2006), which can be used to constrain the coupling parameter fNL without the need for non-Gaussian simulations. We find -1020 < fNL < 390 at 95% CL, significantly improving the previous constraints by De Troia et al. (2007) on the BOOMERanG 2003 dataset. These are the best fNL limits to date for suborbital probes.
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