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Authors: Inguaggiato, S.* 
Taran, Y.* 
Fridriksson, T.* 
Melian, G.* 
D'Alessandro, W.* 
Title: Nitrogen Isotopes in Volcanic Fluids of Different Geodynamic Settings
Issue Date: 21-Jun-2009
Keywords: Nitrogen Isotopes
Helium Isotopes
Volcanic fluids
Subject Classification04. Solid Earth::04.07. Tectonophysics::04.07.02. Geodynamics 
04. Solid Earth::04.07. Tectonophysics::04.07.07. Tectonics 
04. Solid Earth::04.08. Volcanology::04.08.01. Gases 
04. Solid Earth::04.08. Volcanology::04.08.07. Instruments and techniques 
05. General::05.02. Data dissemination::05.02.01. Geochemical data 
Abstract: Nitrogen isotopes , N2/36Ar and 3He/4He were measured in volcanic fluids within different geodynamic settings. Subduction zones are represented by Aeolian archipelago, Mexican volcanic belt and Hellenic arc, spreading zones – by Socorro island in Mexico and Iceland and hot spots by Iceland and Islands of Cabo Verde. The δ15N values, corrected for air contamination of volcanic fluids, discharged from Vulcano Island (Italy), highlighted the presence of heavy nitrogen (around +4.3 ±0.5‰). Similar 15N values (around +5‰), have been measured for the fluids collected in the Jalisco Block, that is a geologically and tectonically complex forearc zone of the northwestern Mexico [1]. Positive values (15N around +3‰) have been also measured in the volcanic fluids discharged from Nysiros island located in the Ellenic Arc characterized by subduction processes. All uncorrected data for the Socorro island are in the range of -1 to -2‰. The results of raw nitrogen isotope data of Iceland samples reveal more negative isotope composition (about -4.4‰). On the basis of the non-atmospheric N2 fraction (around 50%) the corrected data of 15N for Iceland are around -16‰, very close to the values proposed by [2]. In a volcanic gas sample from Fogo volcano (Cabo Verde islands) we found a very negative value: -9.9‰ and -15‰ for raw and corrected values, respectively.
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