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Authors: Maugeri, T.* 
Lentini, V.* 
Gugliandolo, C.* 
Italiano, F.* 
Cousin, S.* 
Stackebrandt, E.* 
Title: Bacterial and archaeal populations at two shallow hydrothermal vents off Panarea Island (Eolian Islands, Italy)
Issue Date: Jan-2009
Series/Report no.: 1/13 (2009)
DOI: 10.1007/s00792-008-0210-6
Keywords: hydrothermal vents
Subject Classification03. Hydrosphere::03.03. Physical::03.03.01. Air/water/earth interactions 
Abstract: The aim of this study was to investigate the microbial community thriving at two shallow hydrothermal vents off Panarea Island (Italy). Physico-chemical characteristics of thermal waters were examined in order to establish the effect of the vents on biodiversity of both Bacteria and Archaea. Water and adjacent sediment samples were collected at different times from two vents, characterised by different depth and temperature, and analysed to evaluate total microbial abundances, sulphuroxidising and thermophilic aerobic bacteria. Total microbial abundances were on average of the order of 105 cells ml-1, expressed as picoplanktonic size fraction. Picophytoplanktonic cells accounted for 0.77–3.83% of the total picoplanktonic cells. The contribution of bacterial and archaeal taxa to prokaryotic community diversity was investigated by PCR–DGGE fingerprinting method. The number of bands derived from bacterial DNA was highest in the DGGE profiles of water sample from the warmest and deepest site (site 2). In contrast, archaeal richness was highest in the water of the coldest and shallowest site (site 1). Sulphur-oxidising bacteria were detected by both culture- dependent and -independent methods. The primary production at the shallow hydrothermal system of Panarea is supported by a complex microbial community composed by phototrophs and chemolithotrophs.
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