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dc.contributor.authorallPersico, R.; Istituto per i Beni Archeologici e Monumentali (IBAM-CNR), Lecce, Italyen
dc.contributor.authorallSoldovieri, F.; Istituto per il Rilevamento Elettromagnetico dell’Ambiente (IREA-CNR), Napoli, Italyen
dc.description.abstractThis paper deals with the problem of the electromagnetic linear inverse scattering from magnetic anomalies buried in a lossy half space, for a scalar and two dimensional case. First, the formulation of the exact model of the electromagnetic scattering is given. Then, the linear inverse problem is solved by resorting to the well assessed Singular Value Decomposition tool. The reliability of the solution procedure is tested with synthetic data achieved by a FDTD code.en
dc.relation.ispartofAnnals of Geophysicsen
dc.relation.ispartofseries1/51 (2008)en
dc.subjectground penetrating radaren
dc.subjectmagnetic anomaliesen
dc.subjectelectromagnetic scatteringen
dc.subjectmicrowave tomographyen
dc.subjectlinear inverse scatteringen
dc.titleTwo dimensional inverse scattering from buried magnetic anomaliesen
dc.description.status147 - 158en
dc.subject.INGV04. Solid Earth::04.05. Geomagnetism::04.05.04. Magnetic anomaliesen
dc.relation.referencesABUBAKAR, A. and P.M. VAN DEN BERG (2004): Iterative forward and inverse algorithms based on domain integral equations for three-dimensional electric and magnetic objects, J. Comput. Phys., 195, 236-262. BERTERO, M. and P. BOCCACCI (1998): Introduction to Inverse Problems in Imaging (IOP, Bristol, U.K.). CHEW, W.C. (1995): Waves and Fields in Inhomogeneous Media (IEEE Ppress, Piscataway, N.J.). CHEN, P., R.X. WU, T. ZHAO, F. YANG and J.Q. XIAO (2005): Complex permittivity and permeability of metallic magnetic granular composites at microwave frequencies, J. Phys. D Appl. Phys., 38, 2302-2305. COLLIN, R.E. (1985): Antennas and Radiowave Propagation (McGraw-Hill). COLTON, D. and R. KRESS (1992): Inverse Acoustic and Electromagnetic Scattering Theory (Springer Verlag). CROCCO, L. and F. SOLDOVIERI (2003): A microwave tomographic approach for imaging targets buried in a layered medium, Ann. Geophys., 46 (3), 559-572. DURAL, D. and M.I. AKSUN (1995): Closed-Form Green’s Functions for General Sources and Stratified Media, IEEE Trans. Microwave Theory Techniques, 43 (7), 1545-1552. GIANNOPULOS, A. (2003): GprMax2D V 1.5 (Electromagnetic Simulator for Ground Probing Radar). GUSTAFSSON, M. and S. HE (2000): An optimization approach to two-dimensional time domain electromagnetic inverse problems, Radio Sci., 35 (2), 525-536. JARVIS, J.B., M.D. JANEZIC, B.F. RIDDLE, R.T. JOHNK, P. KABOS, C.L. HOLLOWAY, R.G. GEYER and C.A. GROSVENOVER (2004): Measuring the permittivity and permeability of lossy materials: solids, liquids, metals, buildings materials, and negative-index materials, NIST Technical Note 1536. NABIGHIAN, M. (1987): Electromagnetic Methods in Applied Geophysics-Theory (Society of Exploration Geophysics), vol. 1. NIE, X.C., N. YUAN, L.W. LI, Y.B. GAN and T.S. YEO (2006): A fast combined field volume integral equation solution to EM scattering by 3D dielectric objects of arbitrary permittivity and permeability, IEEE Trans. Antennas Prop., 54 (3), 961-969. PISCITELLI, S., E. RIZZO, F. CRISTALLO, V. LAPENNA, L. CROCCO, R. PERSICO and F. SOLDOVIERI (2007): GPR and microwave tomography for detecting shallow cavities in the historical area of Sassi of Matera (Southern italy), Near Surface Geophysics (accepted). SOLDOVIERI, F., R. PERSICO and G. LEONE (2006): A microwave tomographic imaging approach for multibistatic configuration: the choice of frequency step, IEEE Trans. Instrumentation Measurements, 55 (6), 1926- 1934. SOLDOVIERI, F., J. HUGENSCHMIDT, R. PERSICO and G. LEONE (2007): A linear inverse scattering algorithm for realistic GPR applications, Near Surface Geophys., 5 (1), 29-42. STILLMAN, D.E. and G.R. OLHOEFT (2004): GPR and magnetic minerals at Mars temperatures, in Tenth International Conference on Ground Penetrating Radar, 735- 738. STILLMAN, D.E. and G.R. OLHOEFT (2006): Electromagnetic properties of martian analog minerals at radar frequencies and martian temperatures, in Proceedings of the 37th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference. YOUNG, J.L. and C.M. JOHNSON (2004): A Compact Recursive Trans-Impedance Green’s Function for the Inhomogeneous Ferrite Microwave Circulator, IEEE Trans. Microwave Theory Techniques, 52 (7), 1751-1759.en
dc.description.journalTypeJCR Journalen
dc.contributor.authorPersico, R.en
dc.contributor.authorSoldovieri, F.en
dc.contributor.departmentIstituto per i Beni Archeologici e Monumentali (IBAM-CNR), Lecce, Italyen
dc.contributor.departmentIstituto per il Rilevamento Elettromagnetico dell’Ambiente (IREA-CNR), Napoli, Italyen
item.fulltextWith Fulltext-
item.grantfulltextopen- per i Beni Archeologici e Monumentali (IBAM-CNR), Lecce, Italy- per il Rilevamento Elettromagnetico dell’Ambiente (IREA-CNR), Napoli, Italy-
crisitem.classification.parent04. Solid Earth-
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