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Authors: Moussawi, M* 
Basnet, S* 
Bonechi, Lorenzo* 
Cimmino, Luigi* 
D’Alessandro, Raffaello* 
D'Errico, Mariaelena* 
Giammanco, A* 
Karnam, R* 
Macedonio, Giovanni* 
Rendon, C* 
Samalan, A* 
Saracino, G.* 
Tytgat, M* 
Title: The Simulations Chain of the MURAVES Experiment
Journal: Journal of Advanced Instrumentation in Science 
Series/Report no.: / (2022)
Issue Date: 2022
DOI: 10.31526/JAIS.2022.303
Subject ClassificationVolcano muography
Abstract: Abstract The MUon RAdiography of VESuvius (MURAVES) project is aimed at studying the summital cone of Mt. Vesuvius, an active and hazardous volcano near Naples, Italy. A detailed Monte Carlo simulation frame- work is necessary in order to investigate the effects of the experimental constraints and to perform compar- isons with the actual observations. Our Monte Carlo setup combines a variety of Monte Carlo programs that address different aspects of cosmic muon simulation, from muon generation in the Earth’s upper at- mosphere to the response of the detector, including the interactions with the material of the volcano. We will elaborate on the rationale for our technical choices, including the trade-off between speed and accu- racy, and on the lessons learned, which are of general interest for similar use cases in muon radiography.
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