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Authors: Gasparini, Paolo* 
Zollo, Aldo* 
Auger, Emanuel* 
Bobbio, Antonella* 
Emolo, Antonio* 
Frattini, M* 
Herrero, André* 
Iannaccone, Giovanni* 
Improta, Luigi* 
Nielsen, Stefan* 
Simini, S M* 
Achauer, U.* 
Jordan, M.* 
Chiarabba, Claudio* 
Ciaccio, Maria Grazia* 
Lucente, Francesco Pio* 
de Franco, Roberto* 
Biella, G.* 
Del Pezzo, Edoardo* 
De Matteis, Raffaella* 
La Rocca, Mario* 
De Natale, Giuseppe* 
Capuano, Paolo* 
Godano, C.* 
Martini, Marcello* 
Pingue, Folco* 
Troise, Claudia* 
Dietrich, M.* 
Coutant, O.* 
Moinet, F* 
Guerra, Ignazio* 
Kissling, Edi* 
Marsella, Ennio* 
Milana, Giuliano* 
Gorini, A.* 
Marcucci, A* 
Zambonelli, E.* 
Mirabile, L.* 
Buonocore, Berardino* 
Nowack, R* 
Scarpa, Roberto* 
De Luca, G* 
Filippi, L.* 
Solarino, Stefano* 
Eva, Elena* 
Virieux, J.* 
Bertrand, Etienne* 
Charvis, P.* 
Deschamps, Anne* 
Deverchere, J* 
Lomax, Anthony* 
Montelli, R* 
Bongiovanni, G* 
Title: Looking inside mt. vesuvius
Journal: Eos Transactions of the American Geophysical Union 
Series/Report no.: 19/79 (1998)
Publisher: AGU
Issue Date: 1998
DOI: 10.1029/98eo00165
Subject ClassificationTomography
Abstract: Italy's Mt.Vesuvius has been slumbering for a long time, but its silence could preface an eruption with potentially disastrous ef­fects for 600,000 people living on the vol­cano's slopes. To assess the scenario of the next eruption, the National Group of Vol-canology (GNV) of the Italian National Coun­cil of Researches (CNR) has fostered research aimed at mitigating eruption risk to the densely populated area. In this framework, researchers have gathered high-resolution seismic tomography data to better under­stand the internal structure of Mt. Vesuvius. The experiments were carried out during the last 4 years. The data will be used in three-dimen­sional modeling of the structure of Mt. Vesu­vius and underlying upper crust. Seismic velocities and attenuation and density con­trasts will be calculated, with special empha­sis on the delineation of significant magma reservoirs of more than 1 km in diameter. In modeling Mt. Vesuvius, tools are being devel­oped for using seismogram information to ob­tain high-quality seismic imaging of heterogeneous structures such as volcanoes
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