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Authors: Sgobba, Sara* 
Puglia, Rodolfo* 
Pacor, Francesca* 
Luzi, Lucia* 
Russo, Emiliano* 
Felicetta, Chiara* 
Lanzano, Giovanni* 
D'Amico, Maria* 
Baraschino, Roberto* 
Baltzopoulos, Georgios* 
Iervolino, Iunio* 
Title: REXELweb: a tool for selection of ground-motion records from the Engineering Strong Motion database (ESM)
Issue Date: 17-Jun-2019
Keywords: ground motion records
spectrum compatiblility
strong-motion database
Abstract: This paper illustrates REXELweb, an updated online version of REXEL, which is a tool for the automatic selection and scaling of spectrum-compatible ground- motions for dynamic analysis of structures. REXELweb allows to define target spectra according to user-definition or design provisions (Eurocode 8 and Italian building code), as well as to uniform hazard spectra (UHS) based on a European hazard model. REXELweb implements all functionalities and options of REXEL through web-services that are accessible either via a MATHWORKS-MATLAB script or a user-friendly web-interface. The program selects records from the Engineering Strong Motion database (ESM), which is a daily-updated Pan-European repository of high-quality ground-motion records. These features make REXELweb a potentially useful tool for researchers and practitioners.
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