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Authors: Borghi, Alessandra* 
Carrion, Daniela* 
Sona, Giovanna* 
Title: Validation and fusion of different databases in preparation of high-resolution geoid determination
Issue Date: 2007
Series/Report no.: /171 (2007)
DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-246X.2007.03541.x
Keywords: geoid
Abstract: An up to date determination of a high-resolution geoid requires the use of best available databases concerning digital terrain model (DTM), bathymetry, global geopotential model and gravity field. The occasion to revisit methods to validate and merge different data sets has been created by a new project for the determination of a new European Geoid. Since the computation of the latest European geoid and quasi-geoid model (EGG97), signifi- cant new or improved data sets have become available, such as new global geopotential models from CHAMP and GRACE missions, new national and global DTMs and new or upgraded gravity data sets. In the context of the new European Gravity and Geoid Project (EGGP), within the IAG Commission 2, some data validation tests have been performed in the Italian zone. In the area 19 ◦ × 17 ◦ wide, covering Italy, three kinds of tests have been performed: compar- ison among different DTMs in order to choose the best one to be used; comparisons in terms of geoid computation in some coastal areas, to evaluate bathymetry effects, and the validation of the EIGEN-CG01C and EIGEN-CG03C new global models up to degree and order 360. These preliminary tests lead to the choice of SRTM DTM (integrated in no-data holes), with an added bathymetry derived by the Italian 1:25 000 official cartography near the coasts and the NOAA bathymetry in high seas. The validation of the new global models and the comparison with EGM96 model show that, in terms of geoid computation, the EGM96 yields better results. Moreover, the validation of new available land gravity data and the cross-validation of two sets of gravity data on sea have been completed.
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