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Authors: Galluzzo, Danilo* 
Nardone, Lucia* 
Manzo, Roberto* 
Di Maio, Rosa* 
Moretti, Milena* 
Bianco, Francesca* 
Orazi, Massimo* 
Title: Preliminary estimation of the shear wave velocity model of ischia island using ambient noise broad band records
Issue Date: 19-Nov-2018
Keywords: Ischia Island
Shear Wave
Velocity model
Seismic noise
Abstract: On August 21, 2017, at 18:57 UTC, an earthquake of MD 4.0 occurred in Casamicciola, district of Ischia island at about 2 Km km depth. In volcanic areas, such as the Ischia Island, the precise localization of the earthquakes requires specific velocity models, both for the wide lithological variability and for the high geothermal gradient. These models are available, for example, for the Vesuvius and for the Campi Flegrei areas, but not for the Island of Ischia because they need to use the local seismicity. Since 1999, at least 78 earthquakes have been recorded on Ischia (updated to 21 February 2018) (D’Auria et al., 2018) and have been localized using the model used for the Campi Flegrei, on the basis of the similar geological and volcanological context of the two volcanoes. Therefore, the aim of this work is the definition of average 1-D shear-wave velocity model of the shallower crust of Ischia using ambient noise array techniques and spectral ratios evaluated on broad band seismic signals recorded by mobile and permanent networks deployed in the last year.
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