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Authors: Alparone, Salvatore* 
Augusti, Vincenzo* 
Bonaccorso, Alessandro* 
Borriello, Giuseppe* 
Buonocunto, Ciro* 
Cappuccio, Pasqualino* 
Caputo, Antonio* 
Castellano, Mario* 
Contrafatto, Danilo* 
D'Auria, Luca* 
De Cesare, Walter* 
Di Lieto, Bellina* 
Esposito, Antonietta M.* 
Falzone, Giuseppe* 
Ferro, Angelo* 
Giudicepietro, Flora* 
Larocca, Graziano* 
Laudani, Giuseppe* 
Martini, Marcello* 
Orazi, Massimo* 
Title: Geophysical monitoring of Stromboli volcano: insight into recent volcanic activity
Issue Date: 8-Apr-2018
Keywords: monitoring
Subject Classification04.06. Seismology 
Abstract: Stromboli is an open conduit strato-volcano of the Aeolian archipelago (Italy), characterized by typical Strom-bolian explosive activity, lasting for several centuries, and by the emission of huge amounts of gas. The normalactivity of Stromboli is characterized by some hundreds of moderate explosions per day. Major explosions, whichlaunch scoria up to hundreds of meters from the craters, lava flows and paroxysmal explosions, which producelarge ballistic blocks, sometimes take place. During the effusive eruption in 2002 - 2003, which caused a tsunamiwith waves of about 10 meters high along the coasts of the Island, the monitoring system was enhanced. In 2006INGV has added two Sacks-Evertson borehole volumetric dilatometers to the surveillance system, in order to mon-itor changes in the local strain field by measuring areal strain. Today we have a large amount of geophysical dataand observations that allow us to better understand how this volcano works. After a period of low explosive activitystarted in mid-2014, Stromboli has shown a more intense explosive activity in the last few months. During the re-cent phase of increased activity, the geophysical monitoring system detected four major explosions occurred on 26July, 23 October, 1 November and 1 December 2017, respectively. The current phase of reawakening of Strombolivolcano has led the Italian civil protection authorities to decree the "attention" alert level (yellow) on the Island.
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