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Authors: Korostelev, Félicie* 
Leroy, Sylvie* 
Keir, Derek* 
Weemstra, Cornelis* 
Boschi, Lapo* 
Molinari, Irene* 
Ahmed, Abdulhakim* 
Stuart, Graham W.* 
Rolandone, Frédérique* 
Khanbari, Khaled* 
Al-Lazki, Ali* 
Title: Magmatism at continental passive margins inferred from Ambient-Noise Phase-velocity in the Gulf of Aden
Journal: Terra Nova 
Series/Report no.: /28 (2016)
Issue Date: 2016
DOI: 10.1111/ter.12182
Subject Classification04.06. Seismology
Abstract: Non-volcanic continental passive margins have traditionally been considered to be tectonically and magmatically inactive once continental breakup has occurred and seafloor spreading has commenced. We use ambient-noise tomography to con- strain Rayleigh-wave phase-velocity maps beneath the eastern Gulf of Aden (eastern Yemen and southern Oman). In the crust, we image low velocities beneath the Jiza-Qamar (Yemen) and Ashawq-Salalah (Oman) basins, likely caused by the presence of partial melt associated with magmatic plumb- ing systems beneath the rifted margin. Our results provide strong evidence that magma intrusion persists after breakup, modifying the composition and thermal structure of the conti- nental margin. The coincidence between zones of crustal intrusion and steep gradients in lithospheric thinning, as well as with transform faults, suggests that magmatism post- breakup may be driven by small-scale convection and enhanced by edge-driven flow at the juxtaposition of litho- sphere of varying thickness and thermal age.
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