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Authors: Bono, Andrea* 
Lauciani, Valentino* 
Marchetti, Alessandro* 
Marcocci, Carlo* 
Margheriti, Lucia* 
Mazza, Salvatore* 
Pintore, Stefano* 
Quintiliani, Matteo* 
Issue Date: Jul-2019
Keywords: Real-time Seismic Data Analysis
Subject Classification04.06. Seismology 
Abstract: Real-time earthquake evaluation consists of automatic hypocenter, local magnitude and moment tensor estimations. The AIDA real-time analysis implemented at INGV [Mazza et Al. 2012] relies on three main components: the Earthworm system [Johnson et al. 1995], which is used to automatically locate events and to estimate local magnitudes; the SeedLink protocol and utilities used for data transmission and collection; and a set software tools and databases specifically developed to analyse, store, use and distribute the seismic parameters in real-time. One of these tools, called SisPick!, is an interactive seismogram analysis and phase picking system. Originally implemented through the Microsoft .NET framework architecture it’s now being migrated to a multi-platform JavaFX environment in order to face new technological challenges and improvements such as web-services and distributed systems. Through its embedded specially integrated and customised features SisPick! allows the INGV personnel on duty for Seismic Surveillance to evaluate and review all automatic estimations before they are communicated to the Italian Civil Protection Agency and then published through email, SMS, and web pages. Moreover, SisPick! is used by the analysts of the Italian seismic bulletin (Bollettino Sismico Italiano BSI) to review and integrate all the available data and produce the Bulletin.
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