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Authors: Taran, Yuri* 
Zelenski, Mikhail* 
Chaplygin, Ilya* 
Malik, Natalia* 
Campion, Robin* 
Inguaggiato, Salvatore* 
Pokrovsky, Boris* 
Kalacheva, Elena* 
Melnikov, Dmitri* 
Kazahaya, Ryunosuke* 
Fischer, Tobias* 
Title: Gas Emissions From Volcanoes of the Kuril Island Arc (NW Pacific): Geochemistry and Fluxes
Journal: Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 
Series/Report no.: /19 (2018)
Issue Date: 2018
DOI: 10.1029/2018GC007477
Abstract: The Kuril Island arc extending for about 1,200 km from Kamchatka Peninsula to Hokkaido Island is a typical active subduction zone with 40 historically active subaerial volcanoes, some of which are persistently degassing. Seven Kurilian volcanoes (Ebeko, Sinarka, Kuntomintar, Chirinkotan, Pallas, Berg, and Kudryavy) on six islands (Paramushir, Shiashkotan, Chirinkotan, Ketoy, Urup, and Iturup) emit into the atmosphere>90% of the total fumarolic gas of the arc. During the field campaigns in 2015–2017 direct sampling of fumaroles, MultiGas measurements of the fumarolic plumes and DOAS remote determinations of the SO2 flux were conducted on these volcanoes. Maximal temperatures of the fumaroles in 2015–2016 were 5108C (Ebeko), 4408C (Sinarka), 2608C (Kuntomintar), 7208C (Pallas), and 8208C (Kudryavy). The total SO2 flux (in metric tons per day) from fumarolic fields of the studied volcanoes was measured as 1,8006300 t/d, and the CO2 flux is estimated as 1,2506400 t/d. Geochemical characteristics of the sampled gases include dD and d18O of fumarolic condensates, d13C of CO2, d34S of the total sulfur, ratios 3He/4He and 40Ar/36Ar, concentrations of the major gas species, and trace elements in the volcanic gas condensates. The mole ratios C/S are generally <1. All volcanoes of the arc, except the southernmost Mendeleev and Golovnin volcanoes on Kunashir Island, emit gases with 3He/4He values of >7RA (where RA is the atmospheric 3He/4He). The highest 3He/4He ratios of 8.3RA were measured in fumaroles of the Pallas volcano (Ketoy Island) in the middle of the arc.
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