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Authors: Di Bella, Marcella* 
Italiano, Francesco* 
Sabatino, Giuseppe* 
Tripodo, Alessandro* 
Baldanza, Angela* 
Casella, Sergio* 
Pino, Paolo* 
Rasa’, Riccardo* 
Russo, Selma* 
Title: Pleistocene volcaniclastic units from North-Eastern Sicily (Italy): new evidence for calc-alkaline explosive volcanism in the Southern Tyrrhenian Sea
Issue Date: Aug-2016
Series/Report no.: /67 (2016)
DOI: 10.1515/geoca-2016-0023
Keywords: volcaniclastic deposits
Pleistocene volcanism
Subject Classificationnew evidence for calc-alkaline explosive volcanism in the Southern Tyrrhenian Sea
Abstract: A well-preserved volcaniclastic sequence crops out in Pleistocene marine sediments along the Tyrrhenian coastline of the Calabrian-Peloritani arc (Sicily, Italy), testifying the occurrence of Lower-Middle Pleistocene volcanic activity in Southern Tyrrhenian Sea. The presence of dominant highly vesicular and minor blocky glassy particles indicates that the volcanic clasts were originated by explosive events related to the ascent and violent emission of volatile-rich magmas accompanied by and/or alternated with hydromagmatic fragmentation due to magma-sea water interaction. Field investigations and sedimentological features of the studied volcaniclastic units suggest a deposition from sediment-water density 􀃀ows. The chemical classi􀂿cation of the pumice clasts indicates prevalent rhyolitic and dacitic compositions with calc-alkaline to high-K calc-alkaline af􀂿nity. The geochemical features of immobile trace elements together with the presence of orthopyroxene are indicative of a provenance from an arc-type environment. The age (from 980-910 to 589 ka), the chemical composition and the evidence of subaerial explosive volcanic activity constrain the origin nature and temporal evolution of the arc-type volcanism in the Southern Tyrrhenian domain. Finally, the new information here provided contribute to a better understanding of the temporal geodynamic evolution of this sector of the Mediterranean domain.
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