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Authors: Avvisati, G.* 
Marotta, Enrica* 
Peluso, Rosario* 
Sangianantoni, Agata* 
De Natale, Giuseppe* 
De Vita, Sandro* 
Di Vito, Mauro Antonio* 
Marfè, B.* 
Pinto, Salvatore* 
Tulino, S.* 
Trimarchi, Emilia* 
Ghilardi, Massimo* 
Simonetti, B.* 
Fuccio, N.* 
Nunziata, C.* 
Antolini, F.* 
González- Rodríguez, M. R.* 
Díaz-Fernández, M. C.* 
Title: Analysis of tourism in Campania as a tool for the development of high-quality cultural services for sightseers: The “Reale Osservatorio Vesuviano” case history
Journal: Tourism and Hospitality International Journal 
Series/Report no.: 1/5(2015)
Publisher: ISCE Turismo
Issue Date: 2015
Keywords: tourism in Campania
Reale Osservatorio Vesuviano
Abstract: The purpose of this work is to identify the guidelines for the development and diversification of the cultural touristic offer achievable at the Reale Osservatorio Vesuviano (ROV). Founded in 1841, it is the oldest volcano observatory in the world and it has always had the vocation for scientific-naturalistic and formative tourism. The present study investigates the connections between the sociology of tourism and the ROV’s sustainability and competitiveness as a tourist destination. Here it is performed a study of the tourist flow, based on the sociology of tourism and on the correct processing of data sets, distinguishing the ''statistical information on tourism" from "tourism statistics", as such a study is the basis of a proper market strategy in different sectors. Tourism remains, in fact, an important phenomenon in world economy: despite the economic crisis of recent years, international tourist arrivals show a positive development of the trend in all the major sub-areas into which the large international areas are traditionally divided. The principles for a future marketing plan were outlined after collecting all the relevant information. The plan was designed to enhance the overall touristic offer of the ROV, never ceasing to consider the integration of natural- scientific aspects and cultural events to be offered within the observatory itself.
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