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Authors: Castello, Barbara* 
Nardi, Anna* 
Marchetti, Alessandro* 
Mele, Francesco Mariano* 
Rossi, Antonio* 
Battelli, Patrizia* 
Berardi, Michele* 
Castellano, Corrado* 
Melorio, Cinzia* 
Modica, Giorgio* 
Pirro, Mario* 
Spadoni, Sabina* 
Arcoraci, Luca* 
Lozzi, Giulio* 
Battelli, Alexia* 
Thermes, Corrado* 
Ciaccio, Maria Grazia* 
Pagliuca, Nicola Mauro* 
Lisi, Arianna* 
Pizzino, Luca* 
Baccheschi, Paola* 
Sciarra, Alessandra* 
Bono, Andrea* 
Marcocci, Carlo* 
Lauciani, Valentino* 
Mandiello, Alfonso Giovanni* 
Pintore, Stefano* 
Quintiliani, Matteo* 
Frepoli, Alberto* 
Latorre, Diana* 
Cheloni, Daniele* 
Lombardi, Anna Maria* 
Vallocchia, Massimiliano* 
Cantucci, Barbara* 
Colini, Laura* 
Pinzi, Stefania* 
Scognamiglio, Laura* 
Basili, Alberto* 
Villani, Fabio* 
D'Addezio, Giuliana* 
Sgroi, Tiziana* 
Smedile, Alessandra* 
Montuori, Caterina* 
Tardini, Roberto* 
Tozzi, Roberta* 
Monna, Stephen* 
Mariucci, Maria Teresa* 
Di Maro, Rosalba* 
Margheriti, Lucia* 
Title: Bollettino Sismico Italiano: Analisys of Early Aftershocks of the 2016 MW 6.0 Amatrice, MW 5.9 Visso and MW 6.5 Norcia earthquakes in Central Italy
Editors: Slejko, D. 
Riggio, A. 
Albarello, D. 
Bianco, F. 
Creati, N. 
Di Bucci, D. 
Dolce, M. 
Eva, E. 
Florio, G. 
Galli, P. 
Giustiniani, M. 
Lavecchia, G. 
Marianelli, P. 
Martelli, L. 
Mazzucchelli, P. 
Naso, G. 
Pacor, F. 
Issue Date: 16-Nov-2017
Keywords: seismic data analysis
Central Italy 2016 seismic sequence
Bollettino Sismico Italiano
Abstract: The Amatrice-Visso-Norcia seismic sequence is the most important of the last 30 years in Italy. The seismic sequence started on 24 August, 2016 and still is ongoing in central Apennines. At the end of February 2017 more than 57,000 events were located, 80,000 events up to the end of September 2017 (Fig. 1). The mainshocks of the sequence occurred on 24 August 2016 (Mw 6.0 and Mw 5.4), 26 October 2016 (Mw 5.4 and Mw 5.9), 30 October 2016 (Mw 6.5), 18 January 2017 (four earthquakes Mw≥ 5.0). In this seismic sequence, all the waveforms recorded by temporary stations deployed by the SISMIKO emergency group (stations T12**; Moretti et al., 2016) where available in real- time at the surveillance room of INGV. Because of the high level of seismicity and the dense seismic network installed in the region, more than 150 events per day were located at the end of February 2017; still 60 events per day were located up to the end of August 2017.The Amatrice-Visso-Norcia is the most important seismic sequence since 2015, the time when the analysis procedures of the BSI group (Bollettino Sismico Italiano) were revised (Nardi et al., 2015). BSI is now available every four months on the web: bulletins contain revised earthquakes (location and magnitude) with ML≥ 1.5, quasi-real time revision of ML≥ 3.5 earthquakes and phase arrivals from waveforms recorded on seismic stations available from the European Integrated Data Archive (EIDA), (Mazza et al., 2012). These last procedures allow the integration of signals from temporary seismic stations (Moretti et al., 2014) installed by the emergency group SISMIKO (Moretti and Sismiko working group, 2016), even when they are not in real time transmission, if they are rapidly archived in EIDA, together with real time signals from the seismic stations of the permanent INGV network. The analysis strategy of the BSI group for the Amatrice -Visso - Norcia seismic sequence (AVN.s.s in the following) was to select the earthquakes located in the box with min/max latitude: 42.2/43.2 - and min/max longitude: 12.4/14.1 to prepare a special volume of BSI on the seismic sequence.
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