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Authors: Rubbia, Giuliana 
Title: La parola crea: a chi le responsabilità di una comunicazione inclusiva?
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: CNR IRPPS Monografie e-publishing
ISBN: 978-88-98822-08-9
Keywords: Comunicazione
Linguaggio di genere
Gender sensitive language
Subject Classification05.03. Educational, History of Science, Public Issues 
05.09. Miscellaneous 
Abstract: In public research organizations in Italy, communication and outreach, as well as research support services, are often left to women. Consequently, the role which female staff plays, becomes central in communication processes both inside and outside the organization. An increasing number of female researchers have to abandon terms like “il ricercatore” (the researcher, used in the masculine form of the noun) or “man/month” in everyday language without fear of being diminished because of the use of feminine, nor of being discriminated while considered feminists. They should instead use inclusive expressions, taking into account gender, hence communicating real images of science and scientists. On the other hand, administrative documents should address the whole personnel, and not only to the ubiquitous “il dipendente” (the employee, masculine noun) opposed to “lavoratrici madri” (“mother-workers”). There is a plenty of opportunities to convey images of science meaning that research is performed both by women and men, and that consequences are addressed to women and men: activities with schools, seminars, outreach events and exhibitions, institutional communication and social networks. The responsibilities of an inclusive communication are numerous; they invest institutions and bodies in charge with structural changes in the organizations as well as those people who every day interact with users and participants of knowledge processes. Training as well as a daily practice are necessary. The paper comments some communication experiences in earth sciences, in progress at the National Institute for Geophysics and Volcanology of Italy – INGV.
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